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Shocker: President Obama Lied About Pay Cuts For Janitors And Security Guards

Shocker: President Obama Lied About Pay Cuts For Janitors And Security Guards

“Starting tomorrow, everybody here, cleaning the floors at the Capitol. They’re going to have less pay,” said President Obama whilst fear mongering about the looming sequester cuts. “The janitors, the security guards. They just got a pay cut. They’ve got to figure out how to manage that. That’s real.” Well, turns out it’s not real,

Heartache: Sequester Grounds Air Force Two

Oh, the humanity: As sequestration budget cuts start phasing in today, Vice President Joe Biden and members of Congress will have to find new ways to get where they’re going after the military aircraft they normally fly aboard were ordered to stay on the ground. In the case of the vice president, his decision to

President Obama: "I Am Not A Dictator"

Bloomberg reporter Julianna Goldman suggested in questioning today that President Obama may have been ducking some responsibility in the sequester battle. “Give me an example of what I might do,” the President shot back testily noting that he’s “not a dictator.” Meanwhile, here’s the oh-so-catastrophic sequester cuts, in context:

Bring On The Sequester: FAA Investigating "Harlem Shake" Video Filmed In Flight

According to CNN, a group of ultimate frisbee players on their way to a tournament in San Francisco got permission from the flight crew on a Frontier Airlines to organize a “Harlem Shake” dance video with other passengers. Apparently everyone was on board with it, and they posted the result online: Now the killjoys at

The Sequester's Impact On The States Is An Argument For Federalism

The fear mongering over what are, really, rather small reductions in federal spending as a result of the spending sequester have been entertaining. The histrionics from proponents of ever more expansive government budgets betray, I think, their fear that we might reduce spending without any major hiccups in our day-to-day lives. If you want people

Dorso Column: On Civility In Politics

Today I wasn’t on the water. I found time to get IHEART Radio on my I Pad so I could listen to KFYR. It was interesting listening to former state Senator Heitkamp discuss the issues. Joel certainly knows how the process works as his interview with newly elected Senator Sinner illustrated. What I found intriguing

What If The Sequester Passes, And Life Goes On?

At Reason, Peter Suderman wonders if the opponents of the sequester spending reductions are worried about the impact of those reductions, or that the reductions might not hurt that bad at all: The display of spending-cut scare tactics offer a window in the worldview of those who seem to believe that government spending is the

Sequester Would Have Minimal Impact On North Dakota

There’s a lot of media hype about the “sequester” spending reductions (we really shouldn’t call them cuts) and their impact, but here in North Dakota it doesn’t appear as though there will be much of an impact at all. According to this summary from the Williston Herald, we’re looking at about $33.4 million in lost

The Sequester Cuts Are Anything But "Deep"

There’s a lot of media alarmism going on over automatic sequester cuts, a bi-partisan idea put forward by President Obama and embraced by Republicans, set to take place in April unless Congress intervenes. The New York Times describes them as “deep automatic spending cuts that will strike hard.” Locally, too, there is no shortage of

Hoeven Delivers GOP's Weekly Address On Keystone Pipeline, Sequester Cuts

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven delivered the GOP’s weekly address this week, talking about the sequester cuts and President Obama’s continued stalling on the Keystone XL pipeline: The transcript is below. Senator John Hoeven's Weekly Address Remarks by Rob Port