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"A Billion Dollars In Tax Cuts May Not Result In Much Savings For You"

"A Billion Dollars In Tax Cuts May Not Result In Much Savings For You"

“We’re sending back more money than we’ve ever sent to political subdivisions and the taxes aren’t going down,” said House Majority Leader Al Carlson of the alleged property tax relief passed by the legislature in recent years. “If they don’t think the people are going to figure this out, they’re kidding themselves.” Rep. Carlson said

Now That The Board Has Voted, Will The Campaign Against Chancellor Shirvani Stop?

Though it was passed during a contentious meeting, and though the vote wasn’t unanimous, the State Board of Higher Education issued a resolution expressing confidence in embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani. Meanwhile, in the legislature, the state Senate has already passed an appropriation authorizing a buyout of Shirvani’s contract (a de facto vote of no confidence),

Senate Votes To Create $400 Million Tuition Subsidy

Higher education has been the subject of much debate in North Dakota. Currently the state’s university presidents are in the process of trying to push out a reform-minded Chancellor who wants to raise academic and admissions standards in the state. And for good reason, because the state’s remediation and graduation rates are atrocious. The university

ND Senate Votes Down One Higher Ed Reform Amendment

Yesterday I wrote about five proposals for reforming the governance of North Dakota’s university system. Today one of those proposals got shot down in the state Senate. SCR4028, introduced by Senator Joe Miller, went down on a 13-34 vote with no debate other than comments in support from the sponsor. What’s interesting is that the

ND Legislator Wants To Create A Nearly Half-Billion College Tuition Entitlement

In the 2007 legislative session, state Senator Tony Grindberg proposed a bill that would have had state taxpayers paying directly for the tuition of college students coming out of the state’s public school system. The students who have had to meet certain basic requirements, but it would have meant that most college-bound students would have

Open Meetings Accusations Against Shirvani Are A Distraction

Last week a former lawyer for the North Dakota University System – one who was fired by embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani, if that gives us any insight into his motives – sent an email full of accusations to Shirvani’s legislative enemies. Specifically, state Senator Tony Grindberg. That email has since been introduced to the State

Amendment Would Eliminate Board Of Higher Education And Elect A Commissioner Of Higher Education

Just this morning, as the dust settled around Senator Tony Grindberg’s attempt to fire Chancellor Hamid Shirvani with a budget amendment, an amendment was introduced by Rep. Rick Becker to shut down the Board of Higher Education and put the administration of the North Dakota University System under a statewide elected official. Said official would

Video: ND Senate Rejects Amendment To Buy Out Chancellor Shirvani

Despite backing from several university presidents, despite a vote of no confidence from organizations representing the state’s college students, Senator Tony Grindberg much-debated amendment to the university system budget to buy out Chancellor Hamid Shirvani’s contract and send him packing failed on a 23-24 vote. The buy out would have cost taxpayers $854,520. Here’s the

No More Second Chances For The North Dakota University System

In declaring the controversy over an office in the new North Dakota University System IT building over, the Grand Forks Herald’s editorial board hopes the NDUS “makes the most of its second chance.” Here’s a question: How many second chances are we going to give the university system? They got a second chance after ordering

Shirvani Involved In "Near-Constant Strife" Across Multiple Universities Since 1990

Even after Chancellor Hamid Shirvani and the State Board of Higher Education backed off their push to build a large chancellor’s suite in a building intended for university system IT workers, state Senator Tony Grindberg and others are intent on pushing he chancellor out. Mostly because this issue is about far more than the office.