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Plain Talk: How Does a Republican Win Over a Democratic Legislative District?

Plain Talk: How Does a Republican Win Over a Democratic Legislative District?

America is a deeply divided place in 2020. It’s hard for Republicans and Democrats to talk to one another about, well, much of anything. Yet in 2016, with President Donald Trump at the top of the ballot, North Dakota Republicans picked up a number of legislative seats from Democrats in parts of the state that

Let’s Legalize Gambling but Also Let’s Not Get Too Cute With the Revenues From It

Earlier this year North Dakota lawmakers defeated two pieces of legislation which would have legalized sports gambling in the state. One would have legalized gambling on collegiate and professional sports; the other would have legalized wagering on the pros only. Neither bill passed. Yet other states are legalizing sports betting since the U.S. Supreme Court

Occupational Licensing Reciprocity Is Good for Military Spouses, but Why Not for Everyone?

“North Dakota, meanwhile, has more than 13,000 unfilled jobs, many of which require licensing,” the Grand Forks Herald wrote in an editorial over the weekend. “Often, trailing military spouses are qualified to fill those openings, but because of the existing licensing process they are not able to immediately work. Since many military spouses are in the

Senator Scott Meyer: Supporting License Reciprocity for Military Spouses

This guest post was submitted by Scott Meyer, a State Senator for District 18 in Grand Forks and a Loan Officer for Benchmark Mortgage. On February 23, 2018 the Secretaries of the Navy, Army, and Air Force sent a letter to all Governors through the National Governors Association addressing the importance of quality education and

Young Legislative Republicans Learn That in Politics the People Are Never Wrong (Even When They’re Wrong)

The job of a North Dakota lawmaker isn’t over on Friday when they return from Bismarck to their districts. The men and women elected to make our state’s laws are expected to meet with their constituents and participate in public forums organized by local organizations like a Chamber of Commerce or Rotary group. One such

Video: State Senate Passes Legislation Creating Commission to Review Initiated Measure Process

Today the Senate, on a 38-8 vote, passed SB2135 which creates a commission during the 2017-2019 legislative interim to review the initiated measure process and determine if any changes need to be made with it. The commission would be funded with a $25,000 appropriation and would be made up of the North Dakota Chamber of

Video: Lawmakers Have an Uncomfortable Debate About Exempting Tampons From the Sales Tax

Today the state Senate took up SB2254, which is a pretty simple bill. It’s basically one sentence exempting “tampons and sanitary napkins” from the state’s sales tax. It was defeated by a wide margin, with just three of the state Senate’s most far-left members giving a green vote: Senator Erin Oban of Bismarck, Senator Tim

Video: North Dakota Lawmaker Scott Meyer Touts Republican Gains in State Legislature on Fox News

This morning Scott Meyer, Republican Senator-elect in North Dakota’s District 18, was on Fox & Friends to talk about Republicans winning in blue districts: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comMeyer’s victory in District 18 – unseating long-time Democratic incumbent Connie Triplett – was a real upset even in a state as deeply Republican as North