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John Andrist: The Science Is Settled, Or Maybe Not

John Andrist: The Science Is Settled, Or Maybe Not

Every day there is some kind of report in our news, detailing a new finding, the result of another survey or research study. I generally believe them. But I’m wondering why. Many of those studies contradict a previous finding, which no doubt was the result of a similar study. I read the other day that

Democrats Want To Keep Science Used To Justify Government Regulation A Secret

One common trope in modern politics is to take a political position, hang a lab coat on it and brand it “science” and then accuse anyone opposing your position of being some sort of unenlightened, anti-science troglodyte. It’s a nifty political maneuver, and it would be a much more convincing posture were Democrats not simultaneously

The Keystone Pipeline Would Save Lives In North Dakota

Traffic is up in North Dakota, and more people/vehicles on the roads means more fatalities. A big chunk of the traffic increase in the state stems from trucks transporting oil. There’s not enough pipeline or rail capacity to take all the oil produced out of the state. But if the Keystone XL pipeline were built,

Group Wants Government To Micromanage Soda Recipes

There’s no aspect of our day-to-day lives too trivial to escape the micromanagement of nanny statists. Maybe we should just have the government start restaurants, and we can all vote on what sort of foods can be offered. For the good of public health. Soda and other sugary drinks have unsafe levels of high-fructose corn