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Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says Obama’s Iran Deal Partly to Blame for Attacks on Saudi Oil Facilities

Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says Obama’s Iran Deal Partly to Blame for Attacks on Saudi Oil Facilities

On this episode of Plain Talk, Senator Kevin Cramer and I discussed the recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities. Iranian equipment was used in the attacks, but the country is denying involvement. Cramer, who said he’s “read the classified CIA brief on the evidence,” said it’s his “sense” Iran was behind the attacks. “Any deniability

Saudi Attacks Should Make Us Thankful the Environmental Zealots Have Been (Mostly) Losing Their War on American Oil Development

Over the weekend the American news media was obsessed with another salacious (though ultimately not nearly so salacious as initially reported) story about the Trump administration. Largely overlooked in that furor were coordinated drone attacks on roughly half of Saudi Arabia’s crude oil production facilities. Though the Saudi national oil company, Aramco, acted quickly to

Bismarck State President: Saudi Arabia’s Systematic Oppression of Women Is a “Religious More” to Be Tolerated

At yesterday’s meeting of the State Board of Higher Education state Rep. Marvin Nelson, a Democrat from Rolla, was critical of a pending deal between Bismarck State College and the National Power Academy of Saudi Arabia which serves men only. The agreement would be a five year contract for BSC to provide curriculum and training to

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Saudi Arabia May Go Bust Trying To Beat America's Frackers

Recently Michael Filloon, Lead Energy Analyst for Splitrock Private Trading and Shaletrader.com, wrote a column for SAB explaining why American oil production has remained resilient in the face of falling oil prices. He provided far more detail than anyone outside of the oil or investment industries is probably comfortable with, but if we can boil his

Oil Price War Leaves Saudi Arabia With A Budget Deficit

Most Americans are no doubt enjoying the lower gas prices prompted by lower oil prices this holiday driving season (there’s nothing like a supply glut to silence the gas price conspiracy theorists). Meanwhile, here in North Dakota we’re watching the dropping prices nervously. Republicans in the state don’t want to admit it because they’ve been

The United States Surpasses Saudi Arabia As World's #1 Petroleum Producer In November

Here’s the chart, via Mark Perry: From the post: Thanks to the significant increases in shale oil production in North Dakota and Texas, total oil output in the US expanded by more than 7% between August and November, while output in Saudi Arabia fell by 4% during that period. Those trends brought “Saudi America’s” oil