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Hey Sanford, Dads Change Diapers Too

Hey Sanford, Dads Change Diapers Too

This article from Hannah Schlosser about a relaxation station provided by Sanford at the Fargo Street Fair is a little frustrating. “New addition take stress off of mothers at the street fair,” the headline tells us. The “new addition” is an area where moms can relax and feed their kids (including breastfeeding) and change diapers.

Kathy Neset: Thanks to Lawmakers, Sanford for Fixing Flawed Nursing School Deal

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education is tasked with educating today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce and it is a responsibility that we take seriously. We understand that there is a great need in health care, especially in the field of nursing. Currently, the university system has nine nursing programs with a total of

Lawmakers Put a Band Aid on NDSU President Dean Bresciani’s Bad Sanford Deal

Lawmakers and the State Board of Higher Education today announced that they reached a new agreement with Sanford to keep a nursing school in Bismarck open. NDSU President Dean Bresciani created the mess when he agreed to a sweetheart deal with Sanford back in 2014 while refusing to loop in lawmakers who would inevitably be

Bismarck Tribune: Bresciani Misled on Sanford Deal Which “Hurts the State” and “Made NDSU Look Bad”

The editorial board at the Bismarck Tribune got it mostly right today backing up lawmakers who are pushing to scrap a sweetheart nursing school deal NDSU President Dean Bresciani handed to Sanford. “It looks like NDSU was so eager for a nursing program that they signed off on an agreement favorable to Sanford,” the paper notes in

Sanford Got Caught With Their Hand in the Cookie Jar

Yesterday we had a bit of a political conflagration caused by NDSU President Dean Bresciani who claimed state lawmakers were trying to close a nursing program in Bismarck. Students at the school, understandably alarmed, organized a protest and showed up at the capitol en masse to weigh in. The truth, which Bresciani may have been trying

Nursing School Drama Explains Why Dean Bresciani Has Been a Poor Leader for North Dakota State University

By all accounts, from sources both in the North Dakota University System and the Legislature, NDSU President Dean Bresciani has been relatively well behaved this legislative session. Gone are the condescending lectures to lawmakers during committee testimony. Gone is much of the hyperbole and ham-handed politicking. Bresciani has seemed “chastened” this session, one lawmaker told