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North Dakota Taxable Sales Hit Four-Year Low, Still Up 70 Percent From 2010

North Dakota Taxable Sales Hit Four-Year Low, Still Up 70 Percent From 2010

North Dakota’s taxable sales report for 2015’s second quarter is out and, not surprisingly, the numbers are down. I say not surprisingly because just a couple of weeks ago the state got a revenue report showing sales tax revenues coming in nearly 4 percent – or more than $52 million – under projections. Also, we

House Says No To More Sales Tax Revenues For Western North Dakota

North Dakota’s policymakers keep insisting there’s no east/west political divide in the state, but that was hard to tell from a political debate over a bill to divert more state sales tax revenues to western communities. The bill is HB1344, introduced by Rep. Gary Sukut (R-Williston), and would increase the share of sales tax revenues

Fomer ND Gov: Marketplace Fairness Act Is First Step To Federal Sales Tax

North Dakota occupies a unique position in the debate over the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act, which would allow states to apply their sales and use taxes to online retailers. It was the Quill vs. North Dakota, a Supreme Court case litigated by then-Tax Commissioner Heidi Heitkamp and Attorney General Nick Spaeth, which set the current

Why North Dakota's Property Tax "Relief" Won't Work: State Money Isn't Free Money

State Senator Tom Campbell (R-Grafton) has a letter in the Grand Forks Herald today extolling the virtues of the state property tax spending (we have got to stop calling it “tax relief”) by explaining what the impact might be on the average property tax payer: Let’s assume you live in Grand Forks or Walsh County

Online Sales Tax May End Up Being A Tax On Your Retirement Savings

There’s nothing fair about the Marketplace Fairness Act, which both of North Dakota’s Senators voted for. In addition to lumping more red tape and tax burden onto online shopping – which means higher prices for everyone who shops online – its an expansion of taxation to companies that use none of the services the taxes

Hoeven, Heitkamp Vote To Make Internet Shopping More Expensive

The US Senate just passed the misnamed Marketplace Fairness Act on a 69-27 vote. Both of North Dakota’s Senators, John Hoeven and Heidi Heitkamp, voted for the bill which allows states to collect sales taxes from online retailers even if they have no physical presence in the state in question and thus use none of

Late Into The Night, Legislature Votes To Buy Up $865 Million Worth Of Local Property Taxes

The House and Senate finally found some common ground on property taxes after a row kicked off yesterday morning when the House reconsidered, and rejected, Governor Jack Dalrymple’s plan to have the state effectively take over education funding from the local governments. Here’s what went down: Governor Dalrymple’s $714 million education mills buy-down was reduced