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SAB Makes Top 100 Conservative Blogs Again

SAB Makes Top 100 Conservative Blogs Again

The latest rankings from RedFlagNews.com are out, and I’m happy to say that SAB is once again ranked in the top 100 for American conservative political blogs. We’ve made this ranking before, and we moved up a slot this time around from 89 to 88. As always, given some of the other websites on the

Light Posting Open Thread

I’ll hitting the road this weekend. I’ll be in Dallas, TX this weekend attending Freedom Works’ BlogCon event. It should be a good time, and they’ve even invited me to sit on a panel discussing local blogging. Using the online medium to facilitate reporting, information sharing and discussion is something I’m passionate about, but it’s

Earth Harvest Mills, Recipient Of More Than $12 Million In State/Federal Subsidies, Faces Insolvency Charges

The North Dakota Public Service Commission has filed insolvency proceedings against Earth Harvest Mills, an organic grains company based in Harvey North Dakota, after a customer filed a complaint over a $26,000 unpaid grain claim. “We’re at a point where we are cannot in good conscience let this continue,” Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann told

Senate Approves $104 Million Raise For State Employees

The Senate has approved their version of a pay package for state employees, giving them 7% in raises in the coming biennium – 4% in 2013 and 3% in 2014 – totaling $104 million: Bismarck, ND – North Dakota Senators have adopted a negotiation between House and Senate leaders regarding state employee pay and retirement