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Rush Limbaugh Changed My Life

Rush Limbaugh Changed My Life

With hard work and prodigious talent, he ascended to heights of success and influence achieved by few others working in his medium. However you feel about his politics, what he did with little more than his voice and a newspaper is both astounding and inspiring, An example to the rest of us of what can

Print Column: I Hope Rush Limbaugh Is Wrong, but I Don’t Think He Is

MINOT, N.D. — We haven’t had a governing majority in the federal government committed to fiscal prudence in a long, long time. We have had lots of politicians who like to posture themselves as fiscal hawks. Former North Dakota U.S. Sen. Kent Conrad did that, though he started his career in the U.S. Senate by

Plain Talk: “Donald Trump Has Never Been a Real Fiscal Conservative” Senator Kevin Cramer Says

“Move on.” That’s what Senator Kevin Cramer had to say about the Mueller hearings on this episode of Plain Talk. “I told a group of reporters, you are the only people who cares,” he added, saying he doesn’t hear much from constituents about the Mueller investigation or the hearings. He said that special investigations are

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Rush Limbaugh Praises Proposed Citizenship Test Mandate For North Dakota Schools

Earlier this week North Dakota Superintendent Kirsten Baesler, along with a group of lawmakers including Rep. Mike Nathe who chairs the House Education Committee, proposed legislation to mandate that North Dakota high schoolers pass the same civics test immigrants have to pass to become American citizens. The proposal has received national attention. Rush Limbaugh has