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Plain Talk: Industry Spokesman Says Reducing Oil Production Isn’t the Way to Curb Flaring

Plain Talk: Industry Spokesman Says Reducing Oil Production Isn’t the Way to Curb Flaring

The issue of natural gas flaring in North Dakota is making regional, and even national, headlines again. Ron Ness from the North Dakota Petroleum Council talks about the issue on this episode of Plain Talk. North Dakota is an oil play, but the wells here also produce a lot of natural gas as a byproduct

Plain Talk: People Targeted by “Red Flag” Law Have to Pay to Defend Their Gun Rights, Oil Industry Pays Half of All North Dakota Taxes

Over the weekend I had an interesting Twitter conversation with state Rep. Karla Rose Hanson, the sponsor of so-called “red flag” legislation which would allow law enforcement, or even just friends/family, to initiate a process through which a person’s guns can be seized based claims that they’re a danger to themselves and/or others. During that

Ron Ness: BLM Rule Enables Waste Rather Than Preventing It

This guest post was submitted by Ron Ness, President of the North Dakota Petroleum Council. It’s now been nearly one year since the United States Senate had the opportunity to rescind an Obama-era regulation that aimed to prevent venting and flaring on public and tribal lands. In reality, this rule targeted North Dakota and the

Congressman Cramer and Senator Heitkamp Are Telling Completely Different Stories About Tribe’s Position on Methane Rule

Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s deciding vote killing a “midnight” Obama regulation pertaining to methane emissions has been pretty controversial, but in defending it the Senator claimed she was just following the wishes of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation of the Fort Berthold Reservation. “Support for the rule from the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation was

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Ron Ness: Setting The Record Straight On North Dakota Spills

North Dakota has a very strict regulatory system, and it is often one that is looked at by other states – and in some cases, other countries – when they are working to construct their own regulations. This has been evidenced by the parade of state, federal and international officials who have come through our


The Real News Is That North Dakota Flaring Is Down Significantly

Reporter Amy Dalrymple caught North Dakota Petroleum Council President Ron Ness in a bit of an exaggeration about recent flaring reductions. “North Dakota’s oil industry significantly reduced flaring last year, but whether it’s as substantial as an industry leader portrayed it in Fargo this week depends on how the decrease is calculated,” she reports. It’s true

Ron Ness: New York Times Misrepresented North Dakota Story

Within the opening two paragraphs of her story printed on Nov. 23, New York Times Reporter Deborah Sontag wrote, “Halliburton served barbecued crawfish from Louisiana.” I would like to point out that the crawfish served at the “One Million Barrels — One Million Thanks” celebration was boiled, not barbecued. It came from Mississippi, not Louisiana,