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Lawmaker Accuses Top Burgum Adviser Of Being Something Less Than Transparent In Lobbying Efforts

Lawmaker Accuses Top Burgum Adviser Of Being Something Less Than Transparent In Lobbying Efforts

Last week the Doug Burgum campaign complained that a political consultant working for the Stenehjem campaign – Pat Finken, specifically – didn’t adequately disclose his ties to that campaign while guest hosting Scott Hennen’s talk radio show. “During this time they carried on the facade of a legitimate programing [sic] while orchestrating two hours of

Doug Burgum Surrogate: Don't Blame North Dakota's Problems On Governors Doug Burgum Supported

Doug Burgum emerged from the NDGOP state convention this last weekend having topped out at just over 15 percent of the delegate vote. I’m told that privately Burgum was not happy about the showing after pouring perhaps as much as a million dollars into pre-convention advertising and campaigning, including a free concert for delegates the

Doug Burgum Says He Won't Accept Governor's Salary Or Pension In New Ad

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kId6dDu6CY&feature=youtu.be Fargo businessman Doug Burgum’s campaign continues its aggressive advertising campaign with the 30 second spot above in which the candidate promises to eschew the governor’s salary, if elected, and also any state pension. “I’m not interested in a political career. I’m running for governor because I love North Dakota,” Burgum said in a statement

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Getting Ugly: Burgum Surrogate Calls Stenehjem "Underhanded"

I told you this was going to get ugly. Earlier today I wrote about a surrogate for Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem taking a shot at the candidate’s gubernatorial nomination opponent Doug Burgum. This afternoon a Burgum surrogate swiped right back at Stenehjem. “Wayne’s false, underhanded attacks underscore why we need an outsider in charge,” Robert

Robert Harms: Oil Tax Change Is Good For North Dakota

The North Dakota Legislature is on the verge of passing monumental legislation to change the structure of North Dakota’s oil taxes by eliminating the triggers and putting the state and the industry on a more predictable and stable path. A lower permanent rate will encourage continued investment, boost production, and ultimately lead to more jobs

NDGOP Chairman Breaks Rules Lobbying For Wind Energy Company

Earlier today a Republican lawmaker forwarded me this photo of  a letter distributed by Robert Harms to the Senate Finance and Tax Committee. In the letter, on Harms Group letterhead, Harms (who is also the Chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party) describes himself as “the lobbyist for Tradewind Energy.” The problem? Well as 9:51am

From The Left: Will Ryan Rauschenberger Resign After The Election?

Picture this: A Republican incumbent for office develops a health condition shortly before an election. During the process of his recovery, Democrats question whether or not the candidate is physically capable of holding office. Republicans respond with righteous indignation, pointing out that the important thing is to support the candidate’s recovery while ensuring voters the

Robert Harms: Welcome To North Dakota Mr. President

Welcome to North Dakota, Mr. President! We share your concern about conditions on the reservations, and hope that your visit with tribal leaders goes well, and that your visit leads to real progress that will benefit tribal members long into the future. North Dakota is living proof that that the solution to providing economic opportunity

North Dakota Republicans Way Below 2012 Fundraising So Far In 2014

North Dakota Democrats and North Dakota Republicans take two different tacks when it comes to fundraising, and a lot of it may have to do with the electoral landscape in the state. North Dakota Republicans have a lot of state office holders, and seem to do most of their fundraising directly through candidate committees. The

What If The Bakken Oil Boom Was Already Slowing Down?

In one of those turn of events in politics that nobody could have predicted, North Dakota Republican Party Chairman Robert Harms managed to turn himself into a hero for Democrats by calling for regulation of the oil industry to slow down production. Harms’ comments gave North Dakota Democrats the political cover they needed to express