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Al Carlson and Rich Wardner: Republicans Are the Clear Choice This November

Al Carlson and Rich Wardner: Republicans Are the Clear Choice This November

This column was submitted from Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson) and House Majority Leader Al Carlson (R-Fargo). Now that the primary is over, it appears the Democrats have begun their fall campaign.  As we read the recent column by Minority Leaders Mac Schneider and Kenton Onstad, it almost appeared that they had attended a

Majority Leader: Legislature Saving Taxpayers Money By Reconvening

Tomorrow North Dakota’s part-time Legislature will reconvene itself for the first time in the history of the state. Their goal will be to finish the budget for the Public Employees Retirement System which was let unfinished when the House and Senate couldn’t reconcile their differences over health care plans for public employees. I spoke with

Senator Rich Wardner: Critics Of Oil Tax Reforms Fail Economics Test

By making North Dakota a great place to do business, our state has enjoyed unparalleled economic growth and job creation over the last 20 years. Virtually every sector of our economy has grown and provided new opportunities for the people across this great state. Unfortunately, Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider and House Minority

Video: North Dakota Senate Passes Oil Tax Reform Bill

It was a large video file to upload so it may be a couple of minutes before it appears After roughly three hours of debate, during which Senate Democrats worked to wring every possible drop of political theater out of the proceedings, the state Senate tonight passed an oil tax reform bill as amended in

ND Senate Says No To Earlier Sunday Booze Sales

HB1434, introduced by Rep. Marie Strinden (D-Grand Forks) would have allowed for restaurants to begin serving alcohol one hour earlier on Sundays. It’s called the “brunch” bill, since Sunday morning mimosas are a fad right now. North Dakota has the latest start-time for alcohol sales on Sundays in the region, starting at noon. Minnesota starts

After Lengthy Debate, And With Some Serious Misgivings, Senate Narrowly Approves Melicher For SBHE

Despite an abysmal performance in support of his own candidacy before a Senate committee, resulting in that committee recommending against appointment, Dalrymple SBHE nominee Kevin Melicher was confirmed today on a 27-18 vote (he needed 24 votes). The debate was interesting in that every single speaker who rose, even those who spoke in support of

House And Senate Leaders Back Amendment Requiring That Lawmakers Live In Their Districts

Back in 2013 SAB was the first to report that multiple lawmakers were no longer living in their legislative districts despite having represented those districts in the 2013 session, and continuing to represent them in interim proceedings. Among them was Rep. Curtiss Kruen (R-Grand Forks) and Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-Dickinson), neither of whom ran for

It's Western Lawmakers Vs. Governor Dalrymple On Western Funding

Now that they’ve rushed through the really important legislation, lawmakers today are addressing funding for western North Dakota. Both Governor Jack Dalrymple and a group of western lawmakers have proposed funding to address oil impacts and infrastructure to be hurried through the legislature so planning for the summer construction season can begin. The western lawmakers,

Is SBHE President Going To Withdraw Her Nomination?

Starting over the weekend I’ve been hearing a buzz from certain lawmakers that State Board of Higher Education President Kirsten Diederich, whose appointment to a second term by Governor Jack Dalrymple must be confirmed by the state Senate, might be considering withdrawing her bid. First, some background. Diederich had a rough go of it the

Should Western North Dakota Communities Get More Oil Tax Dollars?

Lawmakers are in Bismarck this week for their organizational session, and a part of their organizing is finalizing bill drafts for consideration in the regular session next year. Tomorrow Governor Jack Dalrymple will give his budget address, laying out the executive branch’s model for funding the state government. After that, you can expect lawmakers to