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North Dakota Tax Revenues Continue To Come In Under Forecast

North Dakota Tax Revenues Continue To Come In Under Forecast

When the August general fund revenue numbers were released by the Office of Management and Budget last month one lawmaker described them to me with one word: “Ugly.” By that measure the September numbers (see below) are even uglier, because they show the state falling further behind revenue forecasts. Last month’s report showed the state’s

North Dakota General Fund Tax Revenues Down 16.7 Percent In April

Oil prices have fallen, and oil activity in North Dakota has slowed down. This is showing up in the state in all sorts of ways from declines in airline boardings to projected falls in enrollment for oil patch schools. It is starting to show up in the state’s tax revenue streams too per the Office


For The First Time In Years North Dakota Has A Gloomy Economic Outlook

The federal Energy Information Administration is tracking the impact of falling oil prices on state revenues, and for North Dakota they see a more than 20 percent decline since August. “North Dakota’s tax revenue from oil and natural gas production decreased from $323 million in August 2014 to $254 million in January 2015, a 21%

North Dakota General Fund Revenues Still Strong In December, Breaks $4 Billion

The latest revenue report from the Office of Management and Budget is out for December, and it shows continued strong growth for General Fund revenues in the state. There is much concern about falling oil prices impacting state revenues, but in December at least there was no impact. Biennium to date the state’s revenues are

North Dakota General Fund Tax Revenues Up 89 Percent Since 2010

Tax policy is going to be a hot debate yet again heading into the 2015 session, and while the rate of general fund tax revenue growth has slowed a bit in the 2013-2015 biennium to date (compared to 2011-2013), growth is still strong. The latest general fund revenue report through August shows the state beating

North Dakota Tax Revenues Up 16.7% Through February

The latest general fund revenue numbers are out from North Dakota’s Office of Management and Budget. Last month’s report showed biennium-to-date numbers up 19.2 percent, or more than $298 million. This month that’s down a bit. Revenues through February are up 16.2 percent, or $282 million. Here’s a chart showing the cumulative monthly revenues to

Through January North Dakota Biennium Revenues Up Nearly $300 Million

The latest revenue numbers for North Dakota are out from the state Office of Management and Budget covering the biennium through the month of January, and biennium to date the state is up nearly $300 million in tax collections over the 2011-2013 biennium. That’s a roughly 19.2 percent bump. Compared to the 2009-2011 biennium, revenues