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Print Column: North Dakota Opened Its Arms to Oil Workers, Why Not Refugees Too?

Print Column: North Dakota Opened Its Arms to Oil Workers, Why Not Refugees Too?

MINOT, N.D. — The Trump administration has given the states and local governments the ability to opt-out of federal refugee resettlement. The feds, or the private groups doing resettlement for the feds, haven’t always been cooperative. City and county governments, not to mention school districts and social service organizations, have often found themselves struggling to

That Breitbart Report About Fargo Refugees With Tuberculosis Is Old News

Over the weekend a number of you readers sent me this link to a Breitbart article which seemed to indicate that Lutheran Social Services, the organization responsible for federal refugee resettlement in our state, had been something less than forthcoming about refugees with tuberculosis. You’ll all remember that this was something of a big issue

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Heidi Heitkamp Sides With Republicans On Pausing Refugees From Syria

Today the U.S. Senate took up legislation already passed in the House to pause the resettlement of refugees from Syria over security concerns. The minority Democrats voted to filibuster the legislation, and you can read all about that drama here, but not voting with her party on a filibuster for once was Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

Descendents Of North Dakota's Early Muslim Settlers Agree With Dalrymple On Refugee Resettlement

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple got some heat from the left when he announced, late last year, that he wanted President Barack Obama to pause the flow of refugees from Syria into the United States. You see, the left’s position is that any criticism of refugee resettlement, or concern about the impact of refugees on

Governor Jack Dalrymple talks about syrian refugees

Dalrymple On Refusing Syrian Refugees: "That Is Not Something A State Government Does"

Governor Jack Dalrymple was interviewed by Scott Hennen this morning on the What’s On Your Mind Show and, not surprisingly, Hennen asked about the situation with refugees and security. Specifically, Hennen asked whether or not Dalrymple would do what governor’s in other states have done which is say “no” to Syrian refugees in our state.

John Oliver Is An Idiot, Or Why You Shouldn't Get Your News From A Comedian

I dislike John Oliver. In fact, I dislike the whole comedian-doing-news-and-analysis schtick, and not just because Oliver was fantastically unfair to North Dakota recently. If it were just comedy, then fine. We all like to laugh, and people like Oliver and Jon Stewart are hugely talented, and sometimes they even get it right (I’ll admit

Dalrymple: No Syrian Refugees Have Come To North Dakota

Earlier today I contacted Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office regarding the refugee situation in North Dakota in light of the Paris attacks. Specifically, I asked if his office was aware of whether or not any Syrian refugees have been placed in our state. “Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, the state’s only organization to assist in