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The front of the Fargo office of Americans for prosperity is pictured here after having been vandalized. Photo via Sierra Heitkamp

This Conservative Group’s Fargo Office Has Been Vandalized Repeatedly Since It Was Opened

This Conservative Group’s Fargo Office Has Been Vandalized Repeatedly Since It Was Opened

Americans for Prosperity is a conservative-leaning, free-market-promoting group that operates in numerous states across the nation. While the group has faced no small amount of criticism and backlash nationally, you may be surprised to learn that their Fargo office, headquarters for their North Dakota chapter, has been vandalized repeatedly since opening. The most recent attack

Print Column: The Socialists Started a Softball Team

MINOT, N.D. — The Red River Valley chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America have started themselves a softball team. Their goal is “raising visibility and connecting with the community.” This isn’t an uncommon tactic for social movements. Churches hold dances. Political parties hold pie auctions. Jim Jones, the infamous socialist who led hundreds to

Kevin Ackley and Zac Echola are shown inside the dugout Wednesday, June 19, at Fargo's North Softball Complex. They are members of Red River Valley Democratic Socialists of America, a growing organization that formed a coed team to raise visibility and make connections in the community. Chris Flynn / The Forum

Nobody Even Like Remembers East Germany Any More, You Guys

A profile of a group of people with fringe views starting a softball team to become better known in their community might be fun if we were talking about Big Foot enthusiasts or ufologists. But when it’s people promoting an ideology which has resulted in millions upon millions of dead bodies an uncritical, credulous newspaper