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Why Is A Social Media Executive Responsible For National Rail Safety?

Why Is A Social Media Executive Responsible For National Rail Safety?

There’s been a lot of┬ásturm und drang about what environmental zealots have deemed “bomb trains.” Every time an oil train derails there’s a renewed effort to blame the derailment on the oil industry. Because that fits the narrative of the environmental left. Yet, it’s increasingly clear that what we have isn’t an oil problem but

House Shoots Down State Rail Inspectors: "Every Derailment Threatens Our Entire Oil Industry"

Normally you wouldn’t think the budget for North Dakota’s Public Service Commission would be a likely candidate for heated and protracted debate in the Legislature, but that was the case this morning. A House committee removed language in the PSC budget – SB2008 – which would have funded two state rail inspectors and one supervisor

Julie Fedorchak: North Dakota Can't Be On The Sidelines For Rail Safety

The Public Service Commission has requested about $1 million in our 2015-2017 budget to start a State Rail Safety Program. This would put state inspectors on the job every day to help federal inspectors monitor the safety of the railroads in North Dakota. Other measures such as lowering speeds, improving tank cars and reducing volatility

ND House Votes Down Bill Requiring That Trains Have At Least Two Crew Members

Rail safety is in the headlines and on the minds of the state’s policymakers, but would state legislation mandating at least two crew members on all trains be good policy? That’s what was debated on the House floor today. HB1357 would have required that all freight trains have at least two crew members, something punishable

Lynn Helms: State Regulators Working To Make Oil By Rail Shipments Safe

A recent train derailment in West Virginia has generated some inquiries for the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources regarding the safety of transporting Bakken crude oil by rail. On Dec. 9, the Industrial Commission unanimously approved an order that requires all oil producers in North Dakota to install and use oil-conditioning equipment to significantly