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Plain Talk: NDUS Chancellor Says It’s Time for Higher Ed to “Get Out of the Ivory Tower”

Plain Talk: NDUS Chancellor Says It’s Time for Higher Ed to “Get Out of the Ivory Tower”

The North Dakota University System needs funding from taxpayers that is more stable. But also, the university system itself needs to “get out of the ivory tower” and do a better job of serving the labor and career needs of the state. That’s what NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott said on this episode of Plain Talk.

We Don’t Need More Licensing Requirements for Massage Therapists, We Need Them for Prostitutes

The recent bust of a Minot spa which was also offering sexual services has prompted a Minot Daily News article about sex workers who operate under the guise of lawful business. “Prostitution arrest highlights licensing need in massage therapy,” reads the headline, but that’s a mistaken premise. Massage therapists are already required to be licensed under

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"John School" Sex Trafficking Law Likely To Accomplish Very Little

On Friday a number of new laws passed by the Legislature earlier this year went into effect. Among them a law which would allow judges to sentence”johns” – people guilty of soliciting prostitution – to a class. Senator Mac Schneider of Grand forks, who leads the Democrat minority caucus in the Senate and really ought to

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North Dakota Examines Partial Legalization Of Prostitution

With Forum Communications running a multi-part series on human trafficking in North Dakota (“trafficking” is the new media/political buzzword for what is traditionally called prostitution), the issue is in a lot of people’s minds. And rightfully so. The virtual enslavement of human beings to be used as for-hire sex toys is despicable, and those guilty of

Could Legalizing Prostitution Help With North Dakota's Human Trafficking Problem?

North Dakota’s elected leaders have been grappling with the issue of human trafficking. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, to her credit, has been leading the charge on this issue which sees women and even some men all but enslaved to act as sex workers. It’s obvious why this is suddenly a problem in North Dakota. The rush

Could Legalized Prostitution Be A Solution To North Dakota's Human Trafficking Problem?

The rush of workers in the male-dominated oil industry into western North Dakota has created a gender imbalance. It’s hard to estimate just how much of an imbalance – even US Census officials have acknowledged the difficulty in getting accurate estimates with the state’s booming population growth – but anyone who has visited the oil

Hawaii Cops Want Legal Sex With Hookers

No, the cops in Hawaii aren’t talking about legalizing prostitution, something for which a person could make a logical case (you could say prohibiting prostitution doesn’t stop it but rather drives it into the shadows, making it less safe for the sex workers). Rather, the cops just want it to be legal when they have