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Looming Budget Fight Illustrates How Dumb North Dakota's Approach To Property Tax Relief Has Been

Looming Budget Fight Illustrates How Dumb North Dakota's Approach To Property Tax Relief Has Been

Yesterday North Dakota’s Democrats, as they are wont to do in election years, demanded a special session of the legislature to address spending reductions. They apparently think even the modest 4.04 percent spending allotments announced in February by Governor Jack Dalrymple go too far. But what caught my eye was this tweet from  state Senator

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Legislature Shouldn't Have To Mandate Transparency On Property Tax Hikes

During their 2013 session state lawmakers pass a bill requiring that property owners be notified of impending increases in their property taxes. Their intent was clear. They wanted local governments to be up front and transparent with property owners about what was happening with their tax levels. But as evidence of how much of a problem transparency

Rauschenberger: Seeking Treatment Was "One Of The Best Decisions I Ever Made"

North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger pulled off a rare feat in the modern era of American politics. Earlier this year he confessed to me that he was struggling with alcohol addiction. He then left the campaign trail for a month to seek treatment before coming back and soundly defeating his opponent, Democrat Jason Astrup,

Reform The Property Tax? Yes Please. More State Buy Downs? No Thanks.

Since about 2007, the approach to addressing North Dakota’s property tax problem under Governors John Hoeven and now Jack Dalrymple has been for the state to buy them down. First with an income tax payment, then with money sent directly to local governments in exchange for locals lowering mill levies. Up to the last legislative

North Dakota Ranks 6th In Nation For Corporate Income Tax Collections

George Mason University’s Mercatus Center has an interesting study out about taxes in the various states, and they’ve produced some revealing maps to go along with it. Like the one above, which shows North Dakota as having the sixth highest per-capita corporate income tax collections in the nation, coming in right behind California. That is

Nelson Column: Enjoy Your Property Tax Relief North Dakota, It Won't Last

Like a good magician, Cass County Auditor Mike Monplaisir’s recent editorial on North Dakota property tax is nothing but slight of hand. He hopes to distract readers from the real issue–that property taxes have been out of control for the last ten years and people are losing their homes because of it–by pointing out that

Liberals Have Selective Memory When It Comes To Who Really Pays Taxes

It’s interesting when the left talks about taxes. Over the weekend Grand Forks Herald publisher Mike Jacobs wrote about property taxes, and the need to give renters property tax relief. “Renters are a special case, however, because they pay the property tax indirectly, as part of their rent checks,” writes Jacobs. “Rents haven’t gone down