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The Bismarck Tavern in downtown Fargo on Friday, April 13, 2018. David Samson / The Forum

Fargo Is Drunk Because People in Fargo Like to Be Drunk

Fargo Is Drunk Because People in Fargo Like to Be Drunk

One of the big reasons I tend toward the conservative/libertarian end of the political spectrum is that so much of the liberal/progressive left’s instinct for public policy seems like hubris to me. A crass overestimation of the government’s ability to impose its will on the masses (and that’s setting aside the moral questions about how

Photo courtesy of the ND Highway Patrol

Why North Dakota Should Legalize Pot: Arrests Involving Marijuana Have Increased 119 Percent Since 2009

Over the weekend my colleague April Baumgarten wrote an eye-opening piece about drug arrests in North Dakota. Particularly startlingly was how those arrests have grown recently. “Arrests related to marijuana in North Dakota have increased every year since 2009 from 1,533 to 3,362 arrests in 2016, according to Attorney General’s Office data,” she reports. That’s

Barnesville’s municipal liquor store, Fire Hall Liquors, lost $8,582 in 2016, 2.1 percent of total sales. The city will hold a public hearing about the store on Dec. 11. David Samson / The Forum

Leave It to the Government to Lose Money Selling Booze

The booze industry is pretty resilient. At one point our nation literally had a constitutional amendment outlawing the sale of alcohol, but because demand for alcohol is relatively inelastic the result was a booming black market for criminal enterprises. In that context, consider that somehow government-run liquor stores in Minnesota have been losing money. John

Mohammad Abdul Majid, left, and Iman Ugurlu have pleaded guilty to smuggling the largest load of untaxed tobacco in Minnesota history

This Is What North Dakota Is Avoiding by Keeping Tobacco Taxes Low

A ballot initiative to implement a massive tax hike on tobacco products in North Dakota failed miserably last year. Nearly 62 percent of voters cast their ballots against it. It’s a good thing, too, because there are problems attendant to high tobacco taxes which we should want to avoid. Case in point, Minnesota’s struggles with

Medical marijuana neon sign at a dispensary in Los Angeles, Calif. FILE

The Wrong Marijuana Measure Made North Dakota’s November Ballot

This week we got news that one measure related to legalizing marijuana for medicinal use (kind of, more on that in a moment) will be on the November ballot this fall. Another measure, which would have legalized marijuana for pretty much any use, failed to get enough signatures to make the November ballot. Though the

In Colorado Pot Legalization Hasn't Led To Increase In Teen Pot Use

For more than a decade Colorado has been moving away from marijuana prohibition and toward legalized use. In 2001 the state legalized the medicinal use of marijuana. In 2009 the state legalized the commercial sale of marijuana for medicinal use. At the end of 2012, the state legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Now, what