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Senators Cramer and Grassley: How Congress Can Fix High Drug Prices

Senators Cramer and Grassley: How Congress Can Fix High Drug Prices

This guest post was submitted by Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Kevin Cramer. Grassley, Iowa’s senior U.S. senator, is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Cramer is North Dakota’s junior U.S. senator. Washington is consumed with wall-to-wall coverage of impeachment, Ukraine, and transcripts. Every question we receive from the D.C. press corps is about that.

Guest Post: Drug Importation Is Not the Solution for High Drug Prices

This guest post was submitted by state Rep. Karen Rohr (R-Mandan) and Rep. Lisa Meier (R-Bismarck). As prescription drugs become an ever more important aspect of modern medicine, leaders of all political stripes are increasingly concerned about the out-of-pocket cost of prescription drugs, especially for seniors.  Some of these suggestions, like passing most of the

Rod St. Aubyn: Is It Time To Regulate Drug Prices?

I am generally opposed to price controls.  I am a firm believer that competition controls prices for goods and services.  But several recent situations brings me to reconsider my position.  My sister has been successfully battling breast cancer for a couple of years.  Her cancer, though incurable, can be controlled with the right treatment, assuming

Rick Olson: Could "Any Willing Provider" Legislation Be The Key To A Future Measure 7?

Despite the resounding defeat of Measure #7 on Tuesday, I predict that the pharmacy ownership law issue isn’t done yet.  In fact, I have heard that it could come up again, but in a manner which is not directly about allowing the large retail stores to have pharmacies.  This could happen as soon as the

Amanda Godfread: Clearing Up Myths About Measure 7

In discussions surrounding Measure 7, a number of myths have been stated as facts. In an effort to correct information for voters and pharmacy consumers leading up to November 4, North Dakotans for Lower Pharmacy Prices has put together the following “Myth vs. Fact” list: Myth #1: If Measure 7 passes then independent pharmacies will

Lower Prescription Costs Are A Red Herring In Measure 7 Debate

Ironically both sides in the debate over Measure 7 (that’s the one which would repeal North Dakota’s archaic pharmacy protection law) are claiming that voting their way would be a vote for lower prescription prices. This week a reader sent me the photo above of a billboard put up near Jamestown. It was purchased by

Rick Olson: Voters Finally Have A Chance To Lower Their Perscription Prices

North Dakotans will have the opportunity at the Nov. 4 general election to finally rid our state of one of the most anti-competitive laws that we have on the books today. I’m referring, of course, to the pharmacy ownership law, which has been on the books for over 50 years. The subject of the pharmacy

Unions Want Taxpayer Bailout From Obamacare

Labor unions, who were very active in pushing Obamacare, are now upset that the law is set to cost them big. So, of course, they want the taxpayers to bail them out: Labor unions enthusiastically backed the Obama administration’s health-care overhaul when it was up for debate. Now that the law is rolling out, some