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James Kerian: Grand Forks Herald Acknowledges Doubtful Benefits Of Subsidized Preschool

James Kerian: Grand Forks Herald Acknowledges Doubtful Benefits Of Subsidized Preschool

In yesterday’s Grand Forks Herald the Superintendent of the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction began her letter to the editor with a quote from her predecessor in 1894: “The school age of children in this state (should) be changed so as to admit children of 3 or 4 years” Using government funds to incentivize sending

James Kerian: Subsidized Preschool Is About Coercing Parents, Not Giving Them Options

When President Obama was promoting subsidized preschool last fall he said of stay at home mothers “That’s not a choice we want Americans to make.”  It’s tempting to think that he didn’t really mean that.  It’s right there in his own words but one initially believes that he must have meant to say that it

James Kerian: Subsidized Preschool Is About Education Bureaucrats Not Students

When President Obama announced his war on stay at home mothers last fall he probably did not expect North Dakota’s legislature to come running to his side.  But the NEA and the Department of Public Instruction saw this as an opportunity to increase their funding and the state Senate apparently decided that if the teachers

James Kerian: Subsidizing Preschool Will Not Make Our Children Smarter

With summer programs, lowering the compulsory attendance age, after-school programs, and now state-funded preschool (SB 2151) the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction is essentially demanding taxpayer care of all children in the state for every waking moment of their lives from the age of three until they graduate from high school.  At that point President Obama wants the federal government to take over and

Aimee Thiessen: Is Your Preschooler Ready For The Work Force?

Is your preschooler ready for the workforce? Doubtful. Are you concerned about your preschooler’s prospects in life because he/she isn’t ready for the workforce at age 5? [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]”I’m sorry, but my child isn’t a sponge for the state government or the business community or the teacher’s associations.”[/mks_pullquote] Again, doubtful. Preschool

James Kerian: Subsidized Preschool And The Ever-Rising Price Of Freedom

In this country you are free to buy an electric car or a more conventional car fueled by gasoline.  The choice is yours and you can make it freely.  Except, of course, that if you choose to buy a conventional automobile you can only do so with the money you have left over after paying

Dorso Column: North Dakota's Higher Ed Problems May Lay In K-12 Education

I agree with Rob that there is a better governance model for higher education in North Dakota. However, I don’t think it is entirely the systems fault that a college diploma is so expensive. There are some solutions for the current state of affairs but we must look below the surface. If the legislature wants

Baesler, Poolman Make A Weak Case For Early Childhood Education

President Barack Obama is making a push for universal preschool nationally, and here in North Dakota a couple of Republicans have a similar agenda. North Dakota Superintendent of Public Schools Kirsten Baesler and state Senator Nicole Poolman are calling for more funding for early childhood education. The state House stripped a $5 million appropriation for