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Guest Post: Justin Trudeau Shouldn’t Resign but He Should Change His Tune

Guest Post: Justin Trudeau Shouldn’t Resign but He Should Change His Tune

This guest post was submitted by Fargo attorney Mark Western Today, the internet is gripped by the hysteria of knowing that the Prime Minister of Canada wore a black-faced costume in 2001, and also appeared blackfaced at some point in the 1990s.  As a matter of war and peace, this is not.  But it is

Red Tomahawk Descendants Aren’t Pleased With NDDOT Change to Highway Signs

Earlier this month I was the first to report that the North Dakota Department of Transportation had quietly begun to remove the image of Native American leader Marcellus Red Tomahawk from the state’s highway signs. Today in an Associated Press report a descendant of Red Thomahawk and a tribal historian express disappointment and frustration with the

Cramer: "Politics" Keeps Heitkamp Silent On Spirit Lake Child Abuse

The Spirit Lake Indian Reservation has dire problems, most recently manifested in the death of a young child that is being investigated by the feds. When a news crew from NBC affiliate Valley News Live went on the reservation to report on the story of the child’s death, they were attacked. A few months ago,

Guest Post: Rep. Kevin Cramer Told The Truth About Moral Decline

Before It Was History, It Was News is the title of a book written to connect actual news stories with the recorded history of the America Revolution. In this day and age, however, the words to an old chorus might give the careful reader cause to think: The voice of truth tells me a different