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The Feds No-Show Again as North Dakota Cops Get Hazmat Training Before Squaring Off With #NoDAPL

The Feds No-Show Again as North Dakota Cops Get Hazmat Training Before Squaring Off With #NoDAPL

The deadline for the #NoDAPL trespass camp on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land to be cleared out is tomorrow. If it’s not empty it looks as though North Dakota’s law enforcement will be going it alone again to make arrests. Last year, during the most violent parts of the #NoDAPL protests against the Dakota

Audio: “Our Hearts Are Breaking Again” Says Sheriff Paul Laney of Rolette County Shooting

I had Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney on air with me on a somber day for North Dakota. Last night a Rolette County deputy was killed in the line of duty. Three other deputies are currently on leave. The shooter also died. “Our hearts are breaking again,” Sheriff Laney told me, noting that it was

Law Enforcement Offers #NoDAPL Protesters Terms for De-Escalation

The major bone of contention over the past several weeks between North Dakota law enforcement officers and #NoDAPL protesters has been the roadblock at the Backwater Bridge. Law enforcement has argued that the roadblock is necessary because a) protesters damaged it by setting it on fire during a riot back in October and b) the

Audio: Cass County Sheriff Wants Business to Stop Supporting Illegal #NoDAPL Camp

This afternoon on my radio show on WDAY AM970 (subscribe to the podcast) I has Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney on the program. Sheriff Laney is one of several North Dakota law enforcement officials who have been supporting Morton County during the #NoDAPL protests. Yesterday, with ugly winter weather descending on the region, Governor Jack

Sheriff Greg Champagne: Sensational News Reports Give Wrong Impression of #NoDAPL Police Response

I was extremely privileged in the last several days to have the opportunity to travel to North Dakota as President of the National Sheriffs’ Association to see firsthand the protest and the response thereto to the Dakota Access Pipeline Project near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation about 25 miles south of Bismarck. I learned first

#NoDAPL Movement Takes a Dark Turn as Organizers Tell Cops “Do What You’ve Got to Do”

The protesters working to block the Dakota Access Pipeline have put North Dakota law enforcement between a rock and a hard place. Currently the protesters are put a blockade across Highway 1806 (and some smaller roads nearby), and hundreds of them are camped on the privately-owned Cannonball Ranch in the path of the Dakota Access

Sheriff on Latest #NoDAPL Incident: “That Was Not a Protest. That Was Not Prayerful. That Was a Riot.”

Earlier today we got news that another couple of dozen #NoDAPL protesters had been arrested, including actress Shaielene Woodley. This afternoon in a press conference Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney absolutely unloaded on what he described as a “riot.” “That was not a protest,” he told reporters. “That was not prayerful. That was a riot.”

Should Dakota Access Protesters Reimburse North Dakota Taxpayers for the Cost of Law Enforcement Presence?

Earlier this year bombastic presidential candidate Donald Trump visited North Dakota, addressing a conference in Bismarck put on by the North Dakota Petroleum Council. Trump, I don’t need to tell you, is a controversial figure, and with about 7,000 people in attendance at the conference and protests of the visit planned, local law enforcement put