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Print Column: Shame on You, Hunters

Print Column: Shame on You, Hunters

MINOT, N.D. — I would like to direct your attention to a Facebook page called North Dakota Lock Out. It was created after the debate in the Legislature earlier this year over SB2315. That bill would have reversed the backward presumption of public access to private land in our state. Currently, those wishing access for activities like

If Hunting Groups Keep Winning Political Battles Over Posting Land They Could Lose the War

As it was originally introduced, SB2315 would have ended the presumption of open access to rural land for activities like hunting. Under current law, if property owners like farmers and ranchers don’t want want the public on their land they have to post it as closed. The intent of SB2315 was to turn that requirement

Plain Talk: ND Stockmen’s Association Says Change in North Dakota’s Land Posting Laws Is Needed

Julie Ellingson from the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association is on the Plain Talk Podcast today. Her group is backing legislation which would change state law regarding the posting of land. Currently land is presumed to be open unless it’s posted otherwise. The law would end that presumption, meaning land owners no longer have to post.

Doug Leier: You Don't Need Hunting Or Fishing Skills To Work For The Game And Fish Department

January and February typically generate a few phone calls and emails from parents, teachers, school counselors and high school and college students about careers in the outdoors. I had a conversation with a counselor recently that might help answer some of those questions. The counselor has a student who loves to hunt and fish, and