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Guest Post: North Dakota's Heart Beat Bill Is Constitutional

Guest Post: North Dakota's Heart Beat Bill Is Constitutional

I apologize up front for the length of this piece. I have had many requests to lay out the constitutional framework for HB1456 also known as the Heartbeat Bill, but, as I said in my earlier piece on life there is a great deal of confusion and misinformation about the Supreme Court’s abortion decisions. Pro-abortion

Dorso Column: Back To Work

The legislative assembly is back to work after crossover. The first bills most chairman of standing committees schedule for hearing are those that should find nearly universal support in committee. These bills need to be acted on and reported to the floor so there is something to do during the daily floor sessions. More controversial

Feds Spend $30,500 On Portrait Of An Ag Secretary Who Served Less Than A Year

Former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer, a good friend of mine and some-time contributor to this blog, recently had his official portrait hung in Washington DC commemorating his time spent as the Secretary of Agriculture under President George W. Bush. The cost? $30,500. For a cabinet member who served less than a year. Schafer himself,

Just 6% Of Americans See The Media As Very Trustworthy, And That's A Good Thing

According to Rasmussen, Americans have a pretty low opinion of the media: Most voters still get their news from television and consider the news reported by the media generally trustworthy. Fifty-six percent (56%) of Likely U.S. Voters say they get most of their news from TV, including 32% who get it from cable news networks

Guest Post: The Left Is Changing Their Position On Abortion

Just weeks ago we marked 40 years since the Roe v Wade decision. Most people will tell you that they know where they stand on the issues of life and abortion, but what struck me during the debate over the Heartbeat Bill is how few people know what the Roe opinion even says. There is

North Dakota Supreme Court Gives Locked Out Crystal Workers Unemployment Benefits

In a ruling that boils down to North Dakota taxpayers subsidizing labor disputes, the North Dakota Supreme Court has ruled that American Crystal union members are entitled to unemployment benefits. Using some rather tortured linguistic acrobatics, the court’s majority somehow manages to conclude that “work stoppage dispute of any kind” somehow doesn’t mean a lockout.

Guest Post: Give Ham A Chance

When I read the Inforum column posted earlier this week entitled, “Public college students express “no confidence” in university chancellor, support buyout” the following verse came to mind. For one thing, it is indelibly etched in my brain for life, and for another, I had spent an hour with Chancellor Ham Shirvani on the Legislature

Senate Passes Resolution To Give Legislature Veto Over Some Initiated Measures

In North Dakota citizens are allowed to legislate directly through the initiated measure process per Article III of the state constitution. Statues and constitutional amendments can be put on the ballot by collecting a certain number of signatures, and if voters approve them they become law. The legislature cannot change the law for seven years

Guest Post: AG Opinion On NDSU Planned Parenthood Funding Doesn't Settle The Matter

Lost in the media celebration following the Attorney General Opinion on the NDSU issue is the fact that nothing has changed.   This legal opinion addressed an internal issue at NDSU, but the fundamental questions raised by many last month about the Obamacare grant remain unanswered. 1) Why is the federal government spending $1.2 million of

ND Attorney General Rules NDSU Planned Parenthood Funding Legal

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has ruled that the law which some claimed prohibited North Dakota State University from accepting a grant to partner with Planned Parenthood isn’t valid: BISMARCK – The state law behind North Dakota State University administrators’ decision to freeze a $1.2 million federal grant was “completely invalidated” by a 1981