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Minot Republican, Defeated in the Primary for His House Race, Considers Unusual Independent Run for the Senate

Minot Republican, Defeated in the Primary for His House Race, Considers Unusual Independent Run for the Senate

On primary day last week incumbent state Rep. Andrew Maragos, a Republican from District 3 in Minot, was defeated along with his running mate Alan Walter by two political newcomers named Jeff Hoverson and Bob Paulson. The vote, as you can see, was close: This morning I heard a rumor that Maragos might be considering

Video: Senate Votes Down Second Bill Requiring Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Earlier this session the state Senate voted down SB2279, introduced by Senator Tom Campbell, which would have implemented drug testing for welfare recipients. Today the Senate took up a version of this same bill, though this one originated in the House and passed there last month. HB1308 would require that TANF (welfare) recipients participating in

Video: With Strong Bipartisan Support, Senate Passes Changes to Medical Marijuana Measure

One of the most contentious topics in the North Dakota legislature so far has been the issue of medical marijuana. Much of that contention focused on what is and is not the will of the people. Opponents to SB2344, legislation backed by the bi-partisan leadership of the House and Senate chambers, say that the Legislature

Senate Votes Down Bill Which Would Have Allowed Display of Tribal Flags at the North Dakota Capitol

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a newspaper column pointing out a couple of bills which lawmakers could pass to help ease some tensions with our state’s tribal communities after the bruising fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline. One was SB2286 introduced by state Sen. Richard Marcellais, a Democrat from Belcourt and member of

State Senate Votes to Loosen Requirements for Carrying Concealed Carry Permits

Under current North Dakota if you are the holder of a valid concealed carry permit but get caught carrying your weapon without your permit on your person you will be cited for a Class A Misdemeanor. Today the state Senate voted to loose that law a bit, passing by a 44-2 margin SB2139, introduced by

ND Senate Gives Common Core Testing Opt Out Bill The "Hog House" Treatment

In the parlance of the North Dakota Legislature, a “hog house” amendment is a change to a bill that completely replaces the original text of the bill. Basically, it’s lawmakers taking an existing bill and turning it into something else entirely. That’s what happened to HB1283 today. It passed the state House as a bill

Video: Senate Declines To Protect Historical Society From State Fair Eviction

I’ve written previously (here and here) about the feud between the Ward County Historical Society and the North Dakota State Fair. The State Fair Association wants the Historical Society off the fairgrounds because they want to expand, though the State Fair folks are being coy about what exactly they want to do with the property.

Legislature Should Force North Dakota State Fair To Embrace Historical Society

This week lawmakers will take up an issue related to a feud between the North Dakota State Fair, which is headquartered in Minot, and the Ward County Historical Society which for decades now has maintained a display on the state fairgrounds. The historical society has a legal document originating in the 1960’s which they say

Rod St. Aubyn: Obamacare Has Made Common Sense State Reforms Illegal

I had the opportunity to attend the hearing for SB 2163 which was sponsored by Senator Oley Larsen, a former school teacher and now an insurance agent.  While proposing a common sense approach to the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), this bill is destined to be defeated because it is expressly prohibited by federal law. The

Bill Would Create State-Run Retirement Program For North Dakotans

Rep. George Keiser, a Republican from Bismarck, wants the State of North Dakota to run a retirement plan for its citizens. It would be called the Save for Retirement Today Plan, if HB1200 passes. Here are the particulars: The program would be run through the State Treasurer’s office, with the Treasurer given the authority to