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It Turns Out Oil Spills Aren’t the End of the World

It Turns Out Oil Spills Aren’t the End of the World

Reasonable people understand that oil is a product that’s necessary to the quality of life we enjoy today. We all benefit from oil development because we’re all using oil every day of our lives. One day some other energy source, or combination of energy sources, may replace oil. That day is not today, or any

Audio: Governor Doug Burgum Says We’re “Moving Towards an Era of Zero Tolerance” for Oil Spills

Recently North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum held a closed door meeting with representatives of the oil and gas industry to talk about pipeline safety. Because the meeting was closed to the public Burgum came under fire from the Bismarck Tribune. “When Gov. Doug Burgum took office we knew he would take a different approach to government,” the

Reform to North Dakota’s Oil Spill Guidelines Is Imperfect but an Improvement Over the Status Quo

The problem with a lot of the reporting on oil spills in North Dakota is that it tends to lump all spills of all sizes together into one uniform number. As if all spills were created equal. But that’s just not the case. Most spills are very small. Most spills are entirely contained and have

With No Debate State House Passes Reforms to Oil Spill Reporting Requirements

State Rep. Roscoe Streyle introduced legislation which, in its original form, would have stopped the reporting of oil/produced water spills that are contained and of a volume that’s 10 barrels or less. Today in the state House, with no debate, an amended version of Streyle’s bill passed on a 82-11 vote with Republicans and Democrats

Maybe the Solution for Oil Industry Spill Reporting Is Categories

North Dakota has a problem with the way it reports oil industry spills. Lots and lots of tiny, contained spills are documented by the state and the inclusion of that data in statistical analysis can lead to a false impression about the environmental impacts of oil and gas development in our state. When the public

Landowners Seem Pleased With State's Progress On Pipeline Safety

There is no question that there have been some strained tensions at times between some landowners, state regulators, and the energy industry, but if the tone in this Amy Dalrymple report from Northwest Landowners Association expo in Stanley yesterday is any indication, the state is making progress in addressing concerns: The Northwest Landowners Association, a grassroots

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Ron Ness: Setting The Record Straight On North Dakota Spills

North Dakota has a very strict regulatory system, and it is often one that is looked at by other states – and in some cases, other countries – when they are working to construct their own regulations. This has been evidenced by the parade of state, federal and international officials who have come through our

North Dakota Industrial Commission Needs To Defend Their Approach To Oil Spill Fines

Before the holidays I interviewed Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem – who, as you know, is running for governor – and one of the questions I asked him was about criticism of the state’s handling oil and salt water spills in the oil patch. “I’m actually very pleased and satisfied with what it is we’re doing,”

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We Need More Information About North Dakota Spills Than The Number Of Gallons Leaked

Today the Bismarck Tribune editorial board writes that we need more information about the causes North Dakota spills and pipeline leaks.. The editorial refers to comments earlier this month from  John Harju at the University of North Dakota’s Energy and Environmental Research Center. Harju and his organization are studying pipeline links and the state, and they say it’s