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Bakken Crude Involved In Heimdal Derailment Was Well Below Conditioning Threshold

Bakken Crude Involved In Heimdal Derailment Was Well Below Conditioning Threshold

Forum reporter Amy Dalrymple is reporting that the oil involved in the Heimdal derailment was below the conditioning threshold set by state regulators which went into law on April 1st. “Oil from the Tioga rail facility has tested at 12.44 psi, 11.08 psi and 11.18 psi, according to April tests submitted by Hess to the

Lynn Helms: Cutting Through Confusion And Misinformation About Oil Conditioning

As of April 1, oil producers in North Dakota are required to condition every barrel of Bakken crude oil to improve the safety of transporting the oil by rail. The North Dakota Industrial Commission unanimously approved the order in December, after months of science-based review and after holding a public hearing and providing for an

Lynn Helms: State Regulators Working To Make Oil By Rail Shipments Safe

A recent train derailment in West Virginia has generated some inquiries for the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources regarding the safety of transporting Bakken crude oil by rail. On Dec. 9, the Industrial Commission unanimously approved an order that requires all oil producers in North Dakota to install and use oil-conditioning equipment to significantly

Order For Oil Conditioning Was Likely Too Much Micromanagement For Industry's Taste

Back in November, as the North Dakota Industrial Commission was considering new regulations for conditioning crude oil before shipment, I interviewed North Dakota Petroleum Council Vice President Kari CuttingĀ (audio at the link). In addition to representing the industry, Cutting is a chemist with a long history of working with oil, and I asked her what