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North Dakota Elk Hunters Had 67 Percent Success Rate In 2014

North Dakota Elk Hunters Had 67 Percent Success Rate In 2014

While it’s a long way from the nearest big game hunting season, the last month or so has had its fair share of North Dakota big game hunting news. Harvest statistics for moose, elk and bighorn sheep came out in February, followed by 2015 moose and elk season details in early March, and the State

Doug Leier: ND Game Wardens Issued Record Number Of Citations In 2014

Every year the North Dakota Game and Fish Department provides a report on the number of citations issued by state game wardens the previous year. The statistics for 2014, recently published in the February 2015 issue of North Dakota Outdoors magazine, carry some not-so-positive news: Game wardens cited a record number of anglers, hunters and

Doug Leier: North Dakota's Bighorn Sheep Population Doing Well

In terms of sheer hunter interest and popularity, the question of, “How’d the deer and pheasants make it through the winter?” is asked more often than, “What’s the latest on the bighorn sheep population?” It’s not because people don’t care about bighorn sheep. On the contrary, you’ll find interest from hunters, and citizens young and

Doug Leier: Wildlife Managers Will Consider Public Comment Before Allocating Deer Licenses

Most of us would already assume that April is a busy month for fisheries biologists, as ice-out brings pike spawning, then walleye spawning and initiation of all the other management work that corresponds to open water. Perhaps not so well known is that April is also a busy month for big game biologists, as they

Doug Leier: Watchable Wildlife Program Is For Animals You Don't Hunt

Pheasants, ducks, geese, deer and other game animals get much of the wildlife press in North Dakota, but if publicity was based on numbers alone, the state’s “other” wildlife would capture the headlines more frequently. Biologists categorize more than 80 percent of North Dakota’s wildlife species as nongame, or those that are not hunted, fished