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Not So Much A Rollback Of Oil Regulations But A Change In Process

Not So Much A Rollback Of Oil Regulations But A Change In Process

“Measure would void new North Dakota flaring, oil rules,” screams a headline from the Associated Press about Rep. Keith Kempenich’s bill to change the process by which oil regulations are passed by the the Industrial Commission. That headline set up a scolding and typically intemperate editorial from the Fargo Forum which, as usual, seems to have only

Order For Oil Conditioning Was Likely Too Much Micromanagement For Industry's Taste

Back in November, as the North Dakota Industrial Commission was considering new regulations for conditioning crude oil before shipment, I interviewed North Dakota Petroleum Council Vice President Kari Cutting (audio at the link). In addition to representing the industry, Cutting is a chemist with a long history of working with oil, and I asked her what

Attorney General Upholds Democrat Open Records Complaint

Ryan Taylor, the Democrat candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, filed an open records complaint against the State Industrial Commission back in April alleging that his campaign had been denied access to meeting minutes for the commission for more than two months. Today Attorney General – who, ironically enough, is a member of the NDIC – ruled

North Dakota Industrial Commission Approves Oil Production Limits To Punish Excessive Flaring

Flaring is a problem in North Dakota, there’s no question. The oil fields here are just that – oil fields – but a lot of gas gets produced as a by-product of drilling, and there hasn’t been the sort of infrastructure in place to capture the gas. Thus, the state of North Dakota has seen

Clay Jenkinson Column: North Dakota's Energy Sacrifice Zone

A few weeks ago I wrote here that I regarded the Special Places initiative as perhaps the most important moment of North Dakota history in my lifetime. This last week the North Dakota Industrial Commission voted unanimously to “approve” Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s proposal—but so stripped of its original intent as to be essentially pointless

Industrial Commission Nixes Public Comment For Oil Drilling On Private Land, Embraces Flaring Reduction Plan

Citing concerns over private property rights, and whether or not the North Dakota Industrial Commission even has the authority to do such a thing. Governor Jack Dalrymple yesterday proposed an amendment to “extraordinary places” regulations that removes private lands from consideration. Many in North Dakota, particularly those in the west, felt that allowing public comment

Steve Holen Column: "Extraordinary Places" Oil Drilling Regs Sound Good, But Are Bad Policy

While the concept of Extraordinary Places may sound good in theory, in practice it takes away local control, sets a dangerous legal precedent and erodes the rights of private property owners. No one is more committed to protecting the land in oil country than the people who live there. That’s why the North Dakota Association