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On Television: Talking Reform To North Dakota's Radioactive Waste Laws

On Television: Talking Reform To North Dakota's Radioactive Waste Laws

The folks at RT Television asked me for an interview regarding proposed reforms to North Dakota’s regulations of NORM, or naturally-occurring radioactive material. You can watch the segment and read the resulting article here. Since material deep underground has certain level of radioactivity, the materials used in and brought up by oil drilling is also

Being The Loudest Doesn't Make Enviro Activists Right About NORM

Over three evenings this week the Department of Health has invited the public to learn about and comment on new regulations that will regulate low-level radiation waste within the state. These are levels so low that they compare to the radioactivity found in granite countertops installed in homes. What’s been most evident from these meetings is

When Environmentalists Obstruct Solutions To Environmental Problems

Very often I get the feeling that environmental groups care far less about the environment than they do about advancing certain political agendas. Case in point, the battle over NORM (or naturally occurring radioactive material) which is a byproduct of oil development in North Dakota. Jay Almlie, Senior Research Manager at the University of North Dakota’s

Jay Almlie: Put Science Before Emotion On North Dakota's Radioactive Waste

Radioactive waste . . . NORM waste . . . “hot” filter socks . . . illegal dumping . . . Many attention-grabbing headlines have been written in the past year. What’s it all about? What do these headlines really mean to the public and the North Dakota landscape in which we take such pride?