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Los Angeles Times Reporter Worried #NoDAPL Coverage Wasn’t Slanted Enough Toward the Protesters

Los Angeles Times Reporter Worried #NoDAPL Coverage Wasn’t Slanted Enough Toward the Protesters

Over at the University of North Dakota professor Mark Trahant – a journalism professor, albeit one sharply biased in favor of the anti-Dakota Access Pipeline protesters – is holding a symposium on those protests which today featured a panel of panelists who covered them. One of the panelists – Los Angeles Times reporter Sandy Tolan

Article Paints an Ugly Picture of #NoDAPL Fundraising

Remember the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock organization? It was a group of supposedly non-violent, left-wing activists headed up by Michael Wood and Wesley Clark, Jr. (son to the military general and erstwhile presidential candidate) which was supposed to bring thousands of veterans to North Dakota to protect the “water protectors” fighting against the Dakota

Militarized Police Officers Were Not Why the #NoDAPL Protests Were Violent

Were the #NoDAPL protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline violent because they were perpetrated by political extremists who pick fights with cops as a way to draw attention to their case? Or because the cops equipped themselves thoroughly against that threat? A lawyer for the activists says it’s the latter in response to an Associated

Sophia Wilansky Got Hurt Because the #NoDAPL Movement Used Violence as a Tactic

Over the weekend the New York Post ran an unfortunate profile of #NoDAPL activist Sophia Wilanksy. You’ll remember her as the woman who got her arm maimed during a violent conflict the anti-pipeline protesters instigated with law enforcement at the Backwater Bridge. It’s all part of an on-going effort by left wing propagandists to rewrite

#NoDAPL Activist on Trial Claims There Should Be No Consequences for Protecting Water

If you needed more evidence for the idea that some factions of the environmental movement are convinced that tactics like violence and vandalism are justified by their cause, consider this press release from the Lakota People’s Law Project. It’s announcing the impending delivery of what they allege are more than 50,000 petition signatures asking a

UND Spokesman Says Professor Wasn’t Prevented From Hosting #NoDAPL Seminars

Yesterday we got news that University of North Dakota professor Mark Trahant would be resigning at the end of his three year stint as the Charles R. Johnson endowed Professor of Journalism. In social media postings he expressed disappointment and “disgust” with the university over what he alleges was a refusal let him stage seminars

UND Journalism Professor Says He Couldn’t Do #NoDAPL Seminar Because of Potential Political Backlash

Mark Trahant is the Charles R. Johnson endowed Professor of Journalism at the University of North Dakota, but he won’t be any more at the end of his current term. According to social media postings, Mr. Trahant has decided to step down at the end of his three year stint saying he’s “disappointed and disgusted”

Congressman Cramer Signs Letter Urging Department of Justice to Address Environmental Extremism

Those of us who live in North Dakota got an object lesson in the realities of the sort of political extremism which has metastasized under the umbrella of environmental activism. We saw zealots flock to the south central part of our state to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, and while some of the protesters were

Video: Anti-Oil Zealots Shut Down Public Hearing on Line Three Pipeline

The political extremists in the anti-oil movement have promised to make Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement project into the next #NoDAPL movement. Given that the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline were hugely violent, and saw millions of dollars worth of vandalism and economic damage perpetrated in the region, the folks of Minnesota should feel a sense

If We’re Going to Preserve the History of #NoDAPL, How About We Document All of It?

News is that the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian is going to preserve an 11.5-foot-tall mile-marker post made by Hickory Edwards which was displayed at one of the #NoDAPL camps during the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Here’s a photo of it: That’s just fine and dandy. The protests were a major historical event,