Congressman Cramer Signs Letter Urging Department of Justice to Address Environmental Extremism


Those of us who live in North Dakota got an object lesson in the realities of the sort of political extremism which has metastasized under the umbrella of environmental activism. We saw zealots flock to the south central part of our state to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, and while some of the protesters were peaceful and well-meaning (if misguided), a faction of the #NoDAPL movement wasn’t afraid to use vandalism and violence.

In fact, those tactics have become mainstream. From threats of violence against frackers to sabotage efforts targeting important energy infrastructure, the environmental left has become radicalized.

So much so that a group of 85 members of Congress (including North Dakota’s Rep. Kevin Cramer) have signed a letter urging the Department of Justice to look into the matter.

You can read the full letter below. An excerpt:

Here are the questions the signatories are asking the DOJ:

Let’s hope the DOJ begins to take this matter seriously. America has thousands and thousands of miles of energy infrastructure stretching through rural areas of the country, largely unprotected. If extremist factions of the environmental movement want to begin attacking that infrastructure as some sort of political message, the truth is it’s vulnerable.

Keep in mind that Enbridge is currently working on getting approval to replace their Line 3 pipeline over in Minnesota. The anti-oil activists are saying they’ll turn it into another #NoDAPL protest.

Do we really want a repeat of that?

Here’s the full letter:

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