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New York Times Accidentally Undermines The Narrative On North Dakota Oil Development

New York Times Accidentally Undermines The Narrative On North Dakota Oil Development

In recent years when the New York Times has turned its editorial eye toward North Dakota it has been to paint the state as a sort of hydrocarbon hell hole. Case in point, a (factually challenged and politically driven) two-part series by Times reporters Deborah Sontag and Robert Gebeloff from late 2014 made readers feel as though the western

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For First Time In 20 Years Majority Of Americans Oppose Assault Weapons Ban In NY Times Poll

This via NYU political scientist Patrick Egan: For first time in 20 yrs of @nytimes poll, a majority of Americans opposes ban on assault weapons pic.twitter.com/xosjHoDNTi — Patrick J. Egan (@Patrick_J_Egan) December 11, 2015 Note that the last poll was earlier this month, in the wake of the San Bernardino and Colorado Springs shootings. There’s

New York Times Hit Piece On North Dakota Oil Boom Was Just Democrat Talking Points

Remember last year when the New York Times published a lengthy series of articles casting North Dakota’s Republican-dominated state government as inept and corrupt in terms of handling the oil boom? I pointed out in November that the Times reporter met with former Democrat Lt. Governor candidate Ellen Chaffee, something the times took exception to in an

New York Times Profiles Corruption, Murder Involving Heidi Heitkamp "Friend"

Political corruption is an unfortunate fact of life on many American Indian reservations, and the Fort Berthold Reservation is certainly a noteworthy example. And, as has often happened with tribal leadership around the country, when there’s an influx of wealth the corrupt tribal political bosses often don’t let much of it trickle down to rank-and-file

Sometimes The Messenger Deserves To Be "Shot"

“It’s foolish to blame messenger.” That was the headline to a Fargo Forum editorial from over the weekend which fired back at critics of a recent New York Times article about the State of North Dakota’s handling of the oil boom. “Like dust in a prairie wind, criticism of New York Times articles on North

Ron Ness: New York Times Misrepresented North Dakota Story

Within the opening two paragraphs of her story printed on Nov. 23, New York Times Reporter Deborah Sontag wrote, “Halliburton served barbecued crawfish from Louisiana.” I would like to point out that the crawfish served at the “One Million Barrels — One Million Thanks” celebration was boiled, not barbecued. It came from Mississippi, not Louisiana,

Video: Dalrymple Explains Why He Didn't Talk To The New York Times

Chris Berg had Governor Jack Dalrymple on television tonight to talk about his budget address from yesterday (video of that here). During the interview, Berg asked Dalrymple about my recent column in the Grand Forks Herald which was critical of the Governor for not engaging New York Times reporters in advance of the two-part story

Reuters Analyst: New York Times Story About North Dakota Oil Boom Wasn't Balanced

Reuters market analyst John Kemp writes about that New York Times story focusing on North Dakota’s oil development from earlier this week, and finds it wanting. He notes the manifestly positive economic impacts of the oil boom – more commerce, higher wages, more jobs, etc. – and suggests that while these things don’t justify pollution, it’s not

Media Needs To Expose Partisan Motivations Of Oil Policy Critics

The New York Times hatchet job on North Dakota’s oil boom featured a man by the name of David Schwalbe who is critical of the North Dakota Industrial Commission’s handling of a s0-called mega-unit in which he owns mineral rights. Today, in following up on the Times piece, the Bismarck Tribune quotes Schwalbe and his complaints. David Schwalbe