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Ridiculous: Positive Report on NDSU’s Fiscal Health Is Based on Private Foundation’s Money

Ridiculous: Positive Report on NDSU’s Fiscal Health Is Based on Private Foundation’s Money

With North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani on the bubble in terms of keeping his job his allies and media sycophants are circling the wagons. Their mission is to paint this bureaucratic cancer who has presided over sub-par academic outcomes and served as a belligerent sort of obstacle to creating a unified statewide university

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NDSU And Foundation Refusing To Answer Questions About Conflicts Of Interest

Earlier this week I had a post about draft legislation from state Rep. Roscoe Streyle (R-Minot) which would ban remuneration and reimbursement from the university foundations to university presidents. In that post I wrote that the big issue with those sort of financial relationships are the potential for conflicts of interest between foundation donors and

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Proposed Legislation Would Prohibit University Foundations From Covering Personal Expenses For Presidents

Earlier this year embattled North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani found himself in hot water after he billed a roughly $7,000 first class ticket upgrade to the taxpayers. Bresciani’s boss, North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott, called it an “embarrassment.” In response, Bresciani asked the NDSU Development Foundation to cover the cost of the

Attorney General: NDSU Development Foundation Hid Negotiations With Former CEO From Public

Yesterday Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem issued an opinion in response to an open meetings complaint filed by myself (and apparently also by Fargo Forum editor Matt Von Pinnon) regarding the resignation of former NDSU Development Foundation CEO Doug Mayo. You can read the complete opinion below, but Stenehjem basically found that the Foundation broke the law

Rod St. Aubyn: Should Contracts For Public Officials Even Exist?

In the past few years news reports have brought to light activities that resulted in the resignation/termination of several public officials. As the stories evolved it was reported that based on contract terms or negotiated settlements these public officials were awarded some types of severance payments. Some recent examples – According to a Forum News


Head Of Troubled NDSU Development Foundation Steps Down

It’s been a rough year for foundations at North Dakota’s universities. At UND in Grand Forks the now-defunct UND Research Foundation dumped the unprofitable REAC Building on the taxpayers after it failed to find enough tenants to make the building solvent. At Dickinson State University the DSU Foundation got itself so overleveraged in real estate

NDSU Development Foundation Spent Thousands In Failed Fight Against Open Records Request

Last week I won a pretty significant victory over the NDSU Development Foundation which had refused to turn over public records related to their expenditures. This matters, because there has been significant growth in the number of supposedly “private” organizations set up to serve government interests. Development foundations at universities are one example. Another are


Attorney General: NDSU Development Foundation Must Open Its Books

One of the most shadowy areas of North Dakota government is higher education’s relationship with its multitude of spin-off foundations and corporations. Those organizations – in this instance the NDSU Development Foundation – handle significant amounts of revenues on behalf of the university, but attempts by the public to look into the books of these