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“Is Karl Marx in Charge of the Pages This Year?”

“Is Karl Marx in Charge of the Pages This Year?”

There was controversy last night and this morning over a party policy requiring that pages working the NDGOP convention share their tips, but it seems to have been settled in compromise. The pages are usually younger people who work at the convention, mostly as assigned assistants to specific legislative districts. Traditionally pages get tips for

NDGOP Convention Tops 1,600 Registered Delegates, Democrats Seated 612

If the state party conventions are a measure of enthusiasm of political activists in the state, Republicans seem to have a major advantage. I’m attending the NDGOP state convention in Grand Forks today, and a party official confirmed to me that they now have over 1,600 delegates registered. To put that in context, the North

Podcast: Live From the NDGOP Convention

I broadcast my radio show live from the NDGOP state convention at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, sponsored by First International Bank & Trust. I spoke to Congressman Kevin Cramer and NDGOP Chairman Rick Berg about the convention and upcoming campaign season. Senator John Hoeven joined, saying the number of delegates registered for the