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Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem Defends His Office’s Handling of Voter ID Case

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem Defends His Office’s Handling of Voter ID Case

Earlier this week Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem came under fire from a conservative writer at National Review over his handling of a legal challenge to North Dakota’s voter ID laws. Hans von Spakovsky, a former commissioner with the Federal Elections Commission who has also worked for the Department of Justice, said lawyers representing the state didn’t even

Did Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem Defend North Dakota’s Voter ID Laws Adequately?

Recently a federal judge enjoined North Dakota’s voter ID law, meaning it cannot be enforced ahead of the general election later this year. It was the latest in a string of federal decisions against similar state laws across the country. But over at National Review Hans von Spakovsky – who counts in his resume stints at the Federal

Heidi Heitkamp's Good Friend Harry Reid Has Some Major Ethical Problems

In terms of outside spending in the 2012 Senate race in North Dakota – spending, that is, that came from places other than the candidates themselves – there was no single person who had more of an impact that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Outside of the national Republican and Democrat parties, Reid’s Majority PAC

For The Left Gosnell's Victims Were Just Fetuses

Kermit Gosnell today got three convictions for first-degree murder. Now, to be clear, the victims of those murders were three of the hundreds of children Gosnell killed through decapitation and other methods. But you couldn’t tell that from the way the left is reacting to the sentencing. According to the New York Times, Gosnell’s victims

North Dakota Is Way Out On A Limb On Higher Education

Michael Barone has a fantastic column today in National Review which contains a succinct timeline for America’s higher education bubble. What should be scary for North Dakotans is that the state’s approach to higher education is emblematic of every single one of these problems. For instance, Barone mentions the practice of packing campuses by giving

Heidi Heitkamp Can't Afford Too Much Independence

Betsy Woodruff has an article up this morning at National Review covering the balancing act red-state Democrats like Senator Heidi Heitkamp must pull off to both appease their right-of-center constituencies while not angering their national liberal supporters. Former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley blasted Heitkamp after she voted against gun control legislation, calling