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Congressman Kelly Armstrong, speaks with the Grand Forks Herald editorial board on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. Nick Nelson / Grand Forks Herald

Plain Talk: Reviewing the Mueller Report, Rep. Armstrong Praises Trump for “Unprecedented Transparency”

Plain Talk: Reviewing the Mueller Report, Rep. Armstrong Praises Trump for “Unprecedented Transparency”

“Every one of them is already public knowledge.” That’s what Congressman Kelly Armstrong said on this episode of Plain Talk. He was referring to the information about alleged obstruction by the Trump administration from the Mueller report which the Congressman had been reviewing ahead of the interview. He praised Trump for “unprecedented transparency” in dealing

President Donald Trump looks on as Senator Kevin Cramer delivers a speech at a Fargo campaign rally during the 2018 election cycle Forum News Service photo

Plain Talk: Sen. Cramer Says Even if Trump Were Being Crucified Democrats Would Want Rusty Nails

On this episode of Plain Talk, Senator Kevin Cramer answers listener questions including one on the Mueller report. He says Democrats will never be satisfied no matter how much of the report is released. “If we were to hang Donald Trump on a cross they’d be complaining the nails aren’t rusty enough,” he said. One

Michael Marceau holds and upside down American flag at a "Protect Mueller" protest at Lafayette Square in Washington, Nov. 8, 2018. (Sarah Silbiger/The New York Times)

The National News Media Isn’t Even Particularly Good at Being Biased

The national news media has a pronounced leftward lean in their ideology. This is no big secret. Honest members of the media industry acknowledge it, and at least pay lip service to correcting it. The national news media, for the most part, also hates President Donald Trump. One needn’t watch many pundit panels on CNN,

Plain Talk: The Mueller Report Is a Reckoning for the News Media

On today’s Plain Talk podcast, the Mueller report is out, and what does it all mean? Well, one thing it means is that the news media did a horrendous job in covering it, creating among the public expectations for the report which simply weren’t founded in reality. The news media, at least at the national