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I’m Not Buying That President Trump’s Approval Rating Is “Barely Above Water” in North Dakota

I’m Not Buying That President Trump’s Approval Rating Is “Barely Above Water” in North Dakota

Recently some members of North Dakota’s left-wing media – notably radio station KFGO, managed by the brother of former Democratic U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, and former KFGO employee Mike McFeely – have been giddily touting a Morning Consult poll which shows President Donald Trump with some discouraging approval numbers among North Dakotans. Discouraging, that is,

Podcast: “The World Is Upside Down” Says Cramer of Democrats Aligning Themselves With President Trump

Congressman Kevin Cramer joined me on my radio show for his weekly open phones segment. I asked him about polling, released by Republican U.S. House candidate Kelly Armstrong, showing President Trump with strong approval numbers in North Dakota and suggested that’s probably why Democrats in North Dakota – including his opponent this election cycle, incumbent

Poll: Heitkamp Approval Goes Underwater Among North Dakotans, 50 Percent Say Elect Someone Else

Morning Consult has released their monthly tracking polling of key states in the midterm elections, and much like last month it’s ugly news for incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp. You can read the full polling report here (PDF), but here’s the key data for Heitkamp showing she’s at a -1 net approval rating (44 percent approve,

I’m Not Going to Apologize for Reporting Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s Horrendous Poll Numbers

Yesterday I wrote about new polling out from Morning Consult which shows Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s approval numbers among North Dakotans continuing to crater. It also showed that 49 percent of North Dakotans prefer not to re-elect the Senator, while just 35 percent say the opposite. The trend for Heitkamp’s approval in this poll is noteworthy,

Donald Trump’s Approval at 53 Percent in North Dakota

In November of 2016 voters in North Dakota overwhelmingly cast their ballots for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, 62.9 percent to 27.3 percent. Just a few months later, in January of 2017, the folks at Morning Consult measured Trump’s approval/disapproval numbers in North Dakota at 56 percent/33 percent. Now, a year later in January of

Poll: Governor Doug Burgum Is America’s 5th Most Popular Governor

According to new polling from Morning Consult, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum is America’s 5th most popular governor. Interestingly, every person in the top ten of Morning Consult’s gubernatorial polling is a Republican. Though it’s worth noting that all but two of the governors in the bottom ten are Republicans too. Burgum’s approval has actually fallen