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There Is No Other Word for This Than Censorship

There Is No Other Word for This Than Censorship

Student leaders at Concordia College in Moorhead have censored prominent conservative speaker Ben Shapiro. Specifically, they have voted to rescind funding for Shapiro’s speech which had previously been approved back in November as my colleagues Kim Hyatt and Patrick Springer report in the Fargo Forum. The cost of the speech was $7,080. A vote of

Head of Fargo-Moorhead Refugee Group Owes the Community an Apology

In my Sunday print column I wrote that an ugly incident in the parking lot of a Fargo Walmart between a white woman and three Somali women has “served as a sort of bat signal for political opportunists eager to swoop in and use this anecdote as leverage.” Consider these comments, as quoted by my

On Television: "The Rosa Parks Of Exposed Breasts"

Chris Berg invited me to participate in his Friday roundtable discussion on Valley News Live last night, and as always I was happy to oblige. Our topics of discussion for the show were the Island Park lurker controversy, the breastfeeding controversy in Moorhead, and the seemingly cozy flood diversion buyouts happening on Oxbow. The breastfeeding

Activists Plan Protest After Mother Politely Asked To Cover Up While Breastfeeding

One side effect of America’s growing prosperity and economic efficiency over the years is that we have a lot more leisure time than ever before. “Since the mid-1960s, the amount of time that the typical American spends working fell by almost eight hours per week,” the Heritage Foundation reported in 2007, “while the time spent

Did Law Enforcement React Appropriately In Car Chase Across Golf Course?

Yesterday in the Fargo area law enforcement was trying to serve a warrants on a man suspected of dealing meth. He fled, leading police on a chase that ended at the West Acres Mall in Fargo. Along the way, the chase went across the Village Green Golf Course in Moorhead. Post by Terry Kragero. The

Moorhead Considers Ordinance Pretty Much Making It Impossible For Sex Offenders To Live Anywhere

For perfectly understandable reasons people tend to have an emotional reaction when they learn about sex offenders moving into their communities. In Moorhead, Minnesota, citizens have become so upset that they’re pushing for ordinances that would make it impossible for sex offenders to live pretty much anywhere in their city: MOORHEAD – With residents angered