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Print Column: The Dumbest Thing Democrats Could Do Is Listen to Heidi Heitkamp

Print Column: The Dumbest Thing Democrats Could Do Is Listen to Heidi Heitkamp

MINOT, N.D. — For some reason Heidi Heitkamp — despite just one, flukey electoral victory to her name in the last two decades — has been anointed an expert in certain Democratic circles on how to appeal to rural voters. Recently, the erstwhile senator delivered a luncheon speech to a convention of Montana Democrats, and

North Dakota’s Initiated Measure Reformers Should Look to Montana

I’m not exactly a fan of legislating at the ballot box, or direct democracy generally. But in particular, I don’t believe it’s a good idea to enact complicated public policy merely through a vote of the people. Does anyone really believe that harried voters, already asked to be informed on national and state and local

Montana Republican Body Slamming a Journalist Is Perhaps Why Early Voting Is Stupid

How many people in Montana would like to change their votes right about now? It’s a question worth asking. Last night, just hours before polls opened for a special election day in the race to replace former Congressman Ryan Zinke (now Trump’s Secretary of the Interior), Republican candidate Greg Gianforte body slammed a reporter from the

Montana Official Says Power Brownouts Are A Concern In Bakken Region

Via Aaron Flint, Montana Public Service Commissioner Travis Kavulla, a Republican, says that government regulations hindering the expansion of power infrastructure could lead to brownouts in the Bakken region. He made the comments to Emilie Boyles for Marks Group Broadcasting based out of Glendive. Here’s an excerpt, full audio at the link: Kavulla:  Very soon, and even

Democrat Critical Of Obamacare Not Seeking Re-Election

Breaking news this morning is that long-time Montana Democrat Senator Max Baucus won’t be running for re-election. BREAKING: Baucus not seeking re-election. Reported on Fox News #MTPol #mtsen — Aaron Flint (@aaronflint) April 23, 2013 That’s interesting because it was just last week that Baucus was warning of an Obamacare “train wreck.” A senior Democratic

Montana Newspaper Association Wants Concealed Carry Records Kept Partially Open

With a national food-fight over gun control on-going, and media outlets publishing the home addresses of gun owners on the east coast, the Montana state legislature is considering a bill that would shut down access to records on concealed carry permit holders in their state. Unfortunately, the Montana Newspaper Association doesn’t want that to happen.