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Video: In Floor Speech Senator Cramer Thanks National Guard for “Defending Our State” From #NoDAPL Protesters

Video: In Floor Speech Senator Cramer Thanks National Guard for “Defending Our State” From #NoDAPL Protesters

Today is Military Appreciation Day, so as you might imagine that means politicians giving a bunch of speeches about how much we all, you know, appreciate the military. These speeches wouldn’t be particularly notable, given how they tend to blend into one another, but I thought something in Senator Kevin Cramer’s address on the Senate

Senator Scott Meyer: Supporting License Reciprocity for Military Spouses

This guest post was submitted by Scott Meyer, a State Senator for District 18 in Grand Forks and a Loan Officer for Benchmark Mortgage. On February 23, 2018 the Secretaries of the Navy, Army, and Air Force sent a letter to all Governors through the National Governors Association addressing the importance of quality education and

Governor Burgum and a Republican Lawmaker Want to Exempt Military Pay and Pensions From State Income Taxes and It’s a Solid Idea

North Dakota has thousands and thousands of military members, both active duty and retired, living in our state. North Dakota has a chronic labor shortage. North Dakota is also one of just eight states which still fully taxes military pay to retirees. Governor Doug Burgum, along with state Rep. Shannon Roers Jones (R-Fargo), each aim

Rep. Kevin Cramer Says of Ban on Trans Personnel in the Military: “I’m Not Interested in Social Experimenting”

I had Congressman Kevin Cramer on my radio show yesterday for our weekly open phones segment, and I asked him about President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender personnel in the military. “All in all I’m not very interested in it,” he said adding that he’s more interested in the military being equipped and prepared to

Video: North Dakota Lawmakers Defeat Bill Lowering Drinking Age For Military Members

Rep. Andrew Maragos’ bill to lower the drinking age for service members – HB1225 – failed in the House today by a fairly wide margin, 23-67. Originally the bill would have only allowed service members to drink on-base and with the permission of their commanding officers. It was amended before the floor vote to allow

Matt Evans: Should Veterans Get Special Treatment In The Criminal Justice System?

The state legislature just voted to give soldiers a different justice system You can keep track of what the legislature is doing each day by hitting this link: Most of the house votes on Jan 22nd, when I checked, were pretty lopsided, with little evidence of disagreement. One, however, caught my attention, because the vote

A Bronze Star For A Power Point Presentation, But No Purple Hearts For Fort Hood Shooting Victims

In the modern military, developing a really good sensitivity training seminar can get you a Bronze Star, but getting shot won’t necessarily get you a Purple Heart. On Friday, the Department of Defense revealed that no Purple Hearts would be given to victims – living or deceased – of the Fort Hood massacre. Their reasoning

Not Sequestered: Defense Department Signs Contract For $146 Flashlights

Yesterday tuition assistance for members of the military was cut off with officials blaming the sequester spending reductions. Many, including myself, questioned the move arguing that there was surely lower-priority spending than that to cut. And, as proof, comes news that just five days ago the Department of Defense awarded a contact worth $331,000 to

Sequestered: Military Pulls Funding For Tuition Stipends

A reader sends along the email below which was sent out to Air Force members earlier today. As you can see, it cancels tuition assistance. It was clear that the Obama administration was going to work to make the sequester as painful as possible, and this is another example. Meanwhile, the federal government has advertised