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Michael Filloon: Things Are Anything But Fine In North Dakota

Michael Filloon: Things Are Anything But Fine In North Dakota

Chris Berg had an excellent question on 6:30 Point of View’s ND Governor’s Candidate Forum. The question was quite simple, and covered North Dakota’s 2016 budgetary issues. Is ND just fine? This question revolves around our current budget gap created by gross miscalculations forecasting the price of oil. To answer this question, we must look

Michael Filloon: Are North Dakota's Oil Taxes Too High?

North Dakota oil production taxes have seen significant debate recently.  It wasn’t the tax rate in general, but the tax trigger, which afforded oil producers a 45% tax break.  This trigger was recently replaced by a much less complicated system that varies only 2% depending on oil prices. Although the trigger was removed, it is

Michael Filloon: Failing To Reform The Oil Tax May Have Cost North Dakota A Billion Dollars

The recent failure to adopt a flat oil production tax in North Dakota may have cost the state a minimum of a billion dollars. Initially shot down and sold as a tax cut to oil producers, the same oil price based system exists using triggers to decrease taxes. Oil producers benefit from a lower tax