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Julie Fedorchak: Feeling a Duty to Engage

Julie Fedorchak: Feeling a Duty to Engage

Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak submitted this guest post in response to my recent open letter critical of some of her recent public comments. – Rob Rob, Thanks for the letter. Hardly anyone writes letters anymore! You raise a couple of concerns regarding my comments on regulatory and public policy issues. While regulating public utilities

Let’s Not Move the Regulatory Goal Posts on the Davis Refinery

Building major energy infrastructure projects like pipelines or refineries is really, really hard. There are reams of federal, state, and local red tape which must be dealt with before ground can even be broken. And, in more recent years, there is also the (sometimes violent) political activism complete with seemingly endless legal challenges. The point

An Open Letter to Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak

Dear Julie, I think you’re a great public servant. I’m glad you’re on the Public Service Commission. It pleased me when it was reported that you might be interested in seeking a seat in Congress at some point, including possibly challenging Senator Heidi Heitkamp this cycle. But we need to talk. Here in North Dakota

Environmentalists Move the Goal Posts on North Dakota Refinery

I think most of us are environmentalists. Which is to say that most of us want society, including business and industry, to be responsible stewards of the land and air. But to many, including this humble observer, the term “environmentalist” seems pejorative. We don’t want to be associated with the term, because it in turn