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Medicinal Marijuana Is The Wrong Debate For North Dakota To Have

Medicinal Marijuana Is The Wrong Debate For North Dakota To Have

A group hoping to legalize medicinal marijuana in North Dakota submitted a proposed petition to Secretary of State Al Jaeger today. Unfortunately, due to problems with the paperwork, Jaeger rejected the petition. Which, frankly, doesn’t speak highly for the competence of the folks running the campaign. As we’ve seen with petition campaigns in past election

Video: 6:30 Point Of View Roundtable Discussion Of Green Energy, Medicinal Marijuana, Minimum Wage

Here’s the video of the 6:30 Point of View Friday Roundtable on Valley News Live from last week. Chris Berg was kind enough to ask me to sit in again. Just FYI, I’m also on POV every Monday for a weekly segment as well, including tonight! Friday’s discussion was, as always, pretty interesting. Our debate

Democrat Who Wants Legalized Marijuana Argues In Favor Of Bottle Rocket Ban

Politics at times makes for strange bed fellows. That was clear today in watching the North Dakota House debate HB1257, introduced by Rep. Blair Thoreson, which would repeal North Dakota’s ban on bottle rocket sales. Liberal Democrat Rep. Steve Zaiser, who was a spokesman for an initiated measure effort to legalize medicinal marijuana, argued strenuously

Interview: Rep. Kempenich Talks About Reforms To Constitutional Measure Process

Last week I wrote about a proposed resolution to reform North Dakota’s process for putting a constitutional measure on the ballot through petition signatures. Currently petitioners need only collect a number of signatures equal to 4% of the state’s population as of the last census. Kempenich’s resolution, if approved by the legislature and the voters,