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Scott Louser: Measure 2 Prohibits A New Tax

Scott Louser: Measure 2 Prohibits A New Tax

North Dakota is primed to become only the 6th state in our nation to have enshrined in its Constitution the prohibition of a sales tax on the transfer of real property.  The legislature passed HCR 3006 which will be Measure 2 on the ballot this year and reads, “The state and any county, township, city

North Dakota Chamber Of Commerce Begs Locals To Cut Property Taxes

When it comes to taxing and spending policy, there is no area causing North Dakotans more consternation than property taxes. Last year a group of conservative citizens put on the ballot a measure to abolish property taxes, but it was soundly defeated after a vicious attack campaign lead by the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce

ND Senate Proposes Property Tax Elimination Study

Senator Dwight Cook (R), District 34, has filed SCR 4021 late Friday before the Legislature convened for the week. Co-sponsored by Sens Tom Campbell and Rich Wardner, and Reps Wes Belter, Craig Headland, and Majority Leader Al Carlson; SCR 4021 would if passed and accepted by Legislative Management as a study: NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT