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Podcast: Forum Defends Burgum Travel

Podcast: Forum Defends Burgum Travel

I had Fargo Forum editor Matt Von Pinnon on my radio show today to discuss their Sunday editorial defending Governor Doug Burgum’s travel. “We dont want our governor to sit in Bismarck and not leave his office,” the editorial concluded. “The job of the governor requires him to be around the state and Burgum has done

Audio: Fargo Forum Editor Defends SB2279 Front Page Targeting "No" Voting Lawmakers

In the middle of the furious response to the North Dakota state House voting down SB2279 – a bill which would have added homosexuals to North Dakota’s protected classes for employment, housing, and commerce – the Fargo Forum newspaper decided to run a front page listing the names and photographs of the lawmakers who voted

Fargo Forum Editor Defends "Wanted Poster" Front Page Targeting Lawmakers

UPDATE: Originally this post identified Von Pinnon as the publisher of the Fargo Forum. That was an error, he is the editor. I’ve corrected the post to reflect this. On Friday the Fargo Forum caused quite a stir when they featured on the front page of their newspaper a sort of “wanted poster” for state lawmakers

Dear Liberals: Western North Dakota Is Not Your Personal Playground

With oil and gas development booming in western North Dakota there are concerns about the impact of that activity on the land around it, and it’s more than just the environment. There is history, culture and scenery worth protecting in the western part of the state. That being said, when you hear some people talk

Forum Editor: Legislator Emails Should Be Open Records

Fargo Forum editor Matt Von Pinnon, last seen wishing crappy cell phone coverage on western North Dakota, continues the paper’s proud tradition of being total homers for all things NDSU with an editorial calling legislators hypocrites because open records laws don’t apply to their emails. “When a North Dakota legislator wants to dig into a

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Fargo Forum Editor Is Glad Western North Dakotans Have Crappy Cell Phone Service

One of the most irritating things about the debate in North Dakota over the rapid industrial, social and economic development of western North Dakota is the complaining about people who would rather it stay a desolate, sparsely-populated wasteland because they think that sort of thing is quaint. One of the worst offenders in this regard