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We Are Living In An Upside Down World

We Are Living In An Upside Down World

It can be easy, when we are all zeroed in on the day-to-day minutiae of current events in our always turbulent democracy, to lose sight of the larger picture at times. Last night I got to thinking about some recent controversies in our society over ideas I never would have thought would be controversial. Like,

Guest Post: Reviewing Matt Damon's Promised Land

In Promised Land, Steve (Matt Damon) was sent to a small, poor town to lease land to drill for natural gas.  He’s the company’s golden boy who knows how to charm local residents into leasing their minerals.  His job proves to be easy at first, but trouble waits. After Steve pays $30,000 cash to buy the

Matt Damon's Anti-Fracking Movie Seemingly On Its Way To A Flop

Matt Damon has become something of an anti-fracking activist. His new movie, Promised Land , takes aim at oil and gas drilling technique, no doubt hoping to do for fracking what The China Syndrome did for nuclear energy. The movie is about an oil industry land man who is out to swindle property owners into