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Can We Stop Pretending We Know How Dead People Would Have Felt About Modern Politics?

Can We Stop Pretending We Know How Dead People Would Have Felt About Modern Politics?

It’s Martin Luther King Day, and that means that many of the efforts to reflect on King’s accomplishments and legacy will be obscured by modern opportunists telling us what that great man would have said and thought today. From the left we’re told that King tried to warn us about Donald Trump. From the right

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Does Martin Luther King Day Mean More Now That Fargo Public Workers Have The Day Off?

Today the Fargo Forum editorial board gives “prairie roses” to the members of the Fargo City Commission who voted to give municipal workers there Martin Luther King day as a paid day off. It was a good move, “not necessarily because of the specific merits of a day off but rather because the issue gave commissioners

On Television: Hoping For MLK's Color Blind Society

Last night Chris Berg invited me to participate in a round table discussion about race and the civil rights movement, which are good topics for Martin Luther King day obviously. Part one is above, you can watch part two here. It was an interesting discussion (I found some common ground with left-wing activist Cindy Gomez

Should North Dakota Name A Street After Martin Luther King?

The Fargo Forum has a story about failed efforts in the past to rename a street or bridge after civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr. The proponents of doing so, while quick to suggest that North Dakotans aren’t necessarily racist, it proves that they don’t sufficiently “identify” with King. The whole thing seems a

If The Blacks Had Guns Slavery Might Not Have Happened

“I think Martin Luther King would agree with me, if he were alive today, that if African Americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country’s founding, perhaps slavery might not have been a chapter in our history,” Larry Ward, chairman of “Gun Appreciation Day (GAD)” and

Kopp Column: You're Working For The Government

I pay my taxes – do you? That makes me a government employee and you are, too. Conservatives share at least five beliefs about taxes paid to the U.S. Government. Conservatives belief #1– law-abiding citizens pay what is owed – no more, no less. That’s why you’re a government employee today. You’re working to pay