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What Is North Dakota’s Corporate Farming Ban Protecting Us From Again?

What Is North Dakota’s Corporate Farming Ban Protecting Us From Again?

This year Governor Doug Burgum signed into law a bill passed by lawmakers which waters down North Dakota’s corporate farming ban a bit. It’s now legal for you to form a corporation for farming or ranching with your second cousin. In fighting against that change, the traditional defenders of the corporate farming ban mouthed their

Audio: Farm Bureau President Says Criticism of Tax Bill Is Cover for Heitkamp

In recent days there has been a lot of criticism of the Republican tax bill in Congress and its impact on the agriculture industry. In an interview with the¬†Williston Herald North Dakota Farmer’s Union President Mark Watne suggested that the tax bill will create deficits that will, in turn, result in cuts to farm programs.

Ethanol Boosters Are Refreshingly, but Depressingly, Honest About What They Hope to Accomplish With Expanded Mandates

No good product that is truly useful to, or desired by, the public needs to be mandated by the government. There is no need to require that citizens consume Coca-Cola or by iPhones. We purchase those products voluntarily, because we want them. It speaks volumes about the merits of ethanol that its producers must rely on

2014 Strategy: North Dakota Democrats Want To Drive Wedge Between Agriculture And Oil

Last week North Dakota Democrats got what may be their most serious candidate on the 2014 ballot. Ryan Taylor – a former state Senator from Towner from 2003 to 2011, serving as Minority Leader in the 2011 session – announced his candidacy for Commissioner of Agriculture. He had said in late 2013 that he wouldn’t